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Geography Waec Practical Questions And Answers

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Geography Waec Practical Questions And Answers

here are 20 potential geography practical questions for a WAEC exam:


Identify and label the major landforms found on the topographic map provided.

Calculate the gradient of a river channel using the measurements given in the field.

Describe the process of soil erosion in the given location and suggest preventive measures.

Determine the direction of prevailing winds based on the wind vane readings at different times.

Analyze the climate data provided and classify the climate of the region.

Measure the temperature and humidity at different times of the day and explain the variations observed.

Identify and explain the formation of a specific landform visible in the field.

Measure the pH level of soil samples from different locations and discuss their implications for agriculture.

Interpret the contour lines on the topographic map and determine the elevation of specific points.

Calculate the relief of the area using the contour interval and contour lines on the map.

Conduct a vegetation survey in the field and classify the plant species found.

Measure the velocity of a river flow and discuss its significance for the surrounding ecosystem.

Identify and explain the factors influencing population distribution in the given area.

Analyze the data on precipitation and determine the water balance of the region.

Evaluate the impact of human activities on the environment based on visible evidence in the field.

Measure the angle of slope at different points and create a slope profile for the area.

Examine the rock samples collected and classify the rock types present in the region.

Interpret the data from a weather station and discuss the climate trends over a specific period.

Investigate the types of farming practiced in the area and assess their sustainability.

Collect and analyze water samples from a river, identifying any pollutants present and suggesting possible sources.

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