Past Questions and Answers

JAMB Creative Arts Past Questions and Answers

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JAMB Creative Arts Past Questions and Answers


Question: What is the term for a play in which characters and situations represent abstract concepts or moral qualities rather than real people?


A. Comedy

B. Farce

C. Morality play

D. Tragedy

Answer: C. Morality play


Question: In literature, what is the term for the repetition of the same initial consonant sounds in a sequence of words?


A. Alliteration

B. Assonance

C. Consonance

D. Onomatopoeia

Answer: A. Alliteration


Question: Who is considered the “Father of Modern Drama” and wrote plays like “A Doll’s House” and “Hedda Gabler”?


A. Anton Chekhov

B. Henrik Ibsen

C. William Shakespeare

D. Tennessee Williams

Answer: B. Henrik Ibsen


Question: What is the term for a novel or play that tells the story of a character’s life, typically focusing on their psychological and moral development?


A. Mystery

B. Autobiography

C. Bildungsroman

D. Satire

Answer: C. Bildungsroman


Question: Who wrote the famous poem “The Raven”?


A. Edgar Allan Poe

B. Emily Dickinson

C. Robert Frost

D. Langston Hughes

Answer: A. Edgar Allan Poe


Question: What is the term for a narrative technique where a story’s events are arranged chronologically from beginning to end?


A. Flashback

B. Foreshadowing

C. Stream of consciousness

D. Linear narrative

Answer: D. Linear narrative


Question: In visual arts, what is the term for a technique where an artist quickly sketches a subject with minimal detail to capture its essence?


A. Pointillism

B. Impasto

C. Gesture drawing

D. Chiaroscuro

Answer: C. Gesture drawing


Question: What is the term for a poem or song expressing lamentation or mourning, often for someone who has died?


A. Sonnet

B. Elegy

C. Haiku

D. Limerick

Answer: B. Elegy


Question: Who is known for his innovative techniques in printmaking, especially in the creation of “Les Grandes Baigneuses”?


A. Pablo Picasso

B. Claude Monet

C. Édouard Manet

D. Paul Cézanne

Answer: D. Paul Cézanne


Question: What is the term for the use of humor, irony, or exaggeration to criticize or mock people, politics, or society?


A. Satire

B. Tragedy

C. Farce

D. Melodrama

Answer: A. Satire


Question: Who is known for his kinetic sculptures that incorporate movement, such as “Mobiles”?


A. Alexander Calder

B. Salvador Dalí

C. Jackson Pollock

D. Yayoi Kusama

Answer: A. Alexander Calder


Question: In music, what term is used for a gradual increase in loudness?


A. Crescendo

B. Decrescendo

C. Allegro

D. Adagio

Answer: A. Crescendo


Question: What is the term for a brief musical composition typically for piano, expressing a certain mood or character?


A. Symphony

B. Nocturne

C. Concerto

D. Sonata

Answer: B. Nocturne


Question: Who is known for his iconic pop art imagery, including paintings of Campbell’s Soup cans and Marilyn Monroe?


A. Andy Warhol

B. Roy Lichtenstein

C. Jackson Pollock

D. Pablo Picasso

Answer: A. Andy Warhol


Question: In dance, what is the term for a sequence of steps forming a complete unit within a larger dance?


A. Choreography

B. Pas de deux

C. Plie

D. Sequence

Answer: A. Choreography.

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