Past Questions and Answers

Fine Arts Neco Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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Fine Arts Neco Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

Here they are;

Question: Who is known for his large-scale, environmental artworks such as “The Lightning Field”?


a) Robert Irwin

b) Richard Serra

c) Anish Kapoor

d) James Turrell

Answer: d) James Turrell

Question: The famous painting “American Gothic” portrays a farmer and his daughter. Who is the artist behind this work?


a) Grant Wood

b) Edward Hopper

c) Jackson Pollock

d) Georgia O’Keeffe

Answer: a) Grant Wood

Question: In sculpture, what term describes a method of carving where the design is raised from a flat surface?


a) Bas-relief

b) High relief

c) Sunken relief

d) Kinetic relief

Answer: b) High relief

Question: Which art movement emerged in the early 20th century and focused on geometric shapes and primary colors?


a) Abstract Expressionism

b) Constructivism

c) De Stijl

d) Pop Art

Answer: c) De Stijl

Question: Who is known for creating the controversial sculpture “The Fountain,” a urinal turned artwork?


a) Marcel Duchamp

b) Man Ray

c) Joan Miró

d) Wassily Kandinsky

Answer: a) Marcel Duchamp

Question: What is the primary characteristic of trompe-l’oeil painting?


a) Use of vivid colors

b) Realistic illusion

c) Abstract forms

d) Collage technique

Answer: b) Realistic illusion

Question: The art style characterized by dreamlike and fantastical imagery, often with meticulous detail, is known as:


a) Realism

b) Surrealism

c) Romanticism

d) Cubism

Answer: b) Surrealism

Question: Who is associated with the concept of “readymades,” ordinary objects presented as art?


a) Salvador Dalí

b) Andy Warhol

c) Jasper Johns

d) Marcel Duchamp

Answer: d) Marcel Duchamp

Question: What artistic movement, influenced by African art, is characterized by bold colors and geometric shapes?


a) Abstract Expressionism

b) Fauvism

c) Cubism

d) Harlem Renaissance

Answer: c) Cubism

Question: The “Guggenheim Museum Bilbao” is an iconic example of which architectural style?


a) Postmodernism

b) Brutalism

c) Modernism

d) Deconstructivism

Answer: a) Postmodernism

Theory Section (Continued):


Question: Discuss the impact of photography on the traditional art world and its role in shaping contemporary art.


Question: Explore the relationship between art and political activism, citing examples from different time periods.


Question: How did the invention of the printing press influence the dissemination of art during the Renaissance?


Question: Analyze the role of patronage in the development of art throughout history.


Question: Compare and contrast the characteristics of Baroque and Rococo art styles, highlighting key differences in approach and aesthetics.

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