Past Questions and Answers

Marketing Waec Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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Marketing Waec Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

In this blog post, we present 20 challenging questions that span various aspects of marketing, including a theory section with five thought-provoking inquiries. Let’s dive in!


Multiple Choice Questions

Section A: Principles of Marketing (1-10)

What is the primary goal of market segmentation?


A) Mass production

B) Targeted marketing

C) Brand loyalty

D) Cost reduction

Answer: B) Targeted marketing

Which marketing mix element involves communication with the target audience?


A) Product

B) Place

C) Promotion

D) Price

Answer: C) Promotion

In the product life cycle, which stage is characterized by declining sales and profits?


A) Introduction

B) Growth

C) Maturity

D) Decline

Answer: D) Decline

What is the term for a pricing strategy where a product is initially offered at a low price to gain market share?


A) Penetration pricing

B) Skimming pricing

C) Premium pricing

D) Cost-plus pricing

Answer: A) Penetration pricing

Which of the following is NOT a component of the SWOT analysis?


A) Strengths

B) Weaknesses

C) Opportunities

D) Transactions

Answer: D) Transactions

What role does a ‘distributor’ play in the channel of distribution?


A) Producing goods

B) Selling directly to consumers

C) Facilitating the movement of goods

D) Setting prices

Answer: C) Facilitating the movement of goods

Which type of advertising aims to create a positive image for a product or brand?


A) Comparative advertising

B) Informative advertising

C) Persuasive advertising

D) Institutional advertising

Answer: D) Institutional advertising

What is the purpose of a marketing plan?


A) Documenting past achievements

B) Guiding present actions

C) Predicting future trends

D) All of the above

Answer: B) Guiding present actions

What does the acronym ‘AIDA’ stand for in the context of marketing communication?


A) Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

B) Awareness, Intent, Demand, Approval

C) Analysis, Implementation, Development, Adaptation

D) Acquire, Inspire, Deliver, Achieve

Answer: A) Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Which pricing strategy involves setting a high initial price to capture early adopters and then gradually lowering the price?


A) Penetration pricing

B) Skimming pricing

C) Discount pricing

D) Value-based pricing

Answer: B) Skimming pricing

Section B: Theory Questions (11-15)

Explain the concept of market segmentation and its importance in marketing strategy.


Discuss three major challenges faced by marketers in the digital age.


Elaborate on the significance of branding in influencing consumer behavior.


Compare and contrast push and pull marketing strategies, providing examples of each.


Analyze the impact of social media on contemporary marketing practices, highlighting both advantages and challenges.

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