Past Questions and Answers

Jss3 Third term Creative arts past questions and answers

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Jss3 Third term Creative arts past questions and answers

Here are 20 creative arts questions for JSS3 with options and answers:

Question: Who is known as the father of modern sculpture?

A. Leonardo da Vinci

B. Michelangelo

C. Auguste Rodin

D. Pablo Picasso

Answer: C. Auguste Rodin

Question: Which art movement is characterized by vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes, often depicting scenes of modern life?


A. Surrealism

B. Cubism

C. Impressionism

D. Abstract Expressionism

Answer: C. Impressionism

Question: In literature, what is the term for a play on words that have similar sounds but different meanings?


A. Alliteration

B. Simile

C. Pun

D. Metaphor

Answer: C. Pun

Question: Who painted the famous artwork “Starry Night”?


A. Vincent van Gogh

B. Salvador DalĂ­

C. Claude Monet

D. Pablo Picasso

Answer: A. Vincent van Gogh

Question: What art form involves arranging sounds in a manner that is pleasant to the ear?


A. Sculpture

B. Literature

C. Music

D. Dance

Answer: C. Music

Question: Which architectural style is characterized by its use of pointed arches and ribbed vaults?


A. Baroque

B. Gothic

C. Renaissance

D. Neoclassical

Answer: B. Gothic

Question: Who wrote the play “Romeo and Juliet”?


A. William Shakespeare

B. Charles Dickens

C. Jane Austen

D. Mark Twain

Answer: A. William Shakespeare

Question: What is the primary color wheel used in visual arts?


A. Red, Yellow, Blue

B. Red, Green, Blue

C. Yellow, Cyan, Magenta

D. Red, Orange, Purple

Answer: A. Red, Yellow, Blue

Question: What is the term for a poem that mourns the death of someone?


A. Ode

B. Elegy

C. Sonnet

D. Haiku

Answer: B. Elegy

Question: Which dance form originated in 15th-century Italy and involves intricate footwork?


A. Ballet

B. Flamenco

C. Hip Hop

D. Breakdance

Answer: A. Ballet

Question: Who is considered the pioneer of abstract art?

A. Wassily Kandinsky

B. Jackson Pollock

C. Pablo Picasso

D. Henri Matisse

Answer: A. Wassily Kandinsky

Question: What is the term for a long narrative poem that celebrates the deeds of a legendary hero?

A. Epic

B. Limerick

C. Sonnet

D. Ballad

Answer: A. Epic

Question: Which film director is known for his surreal and dreamlike cinematic style?

A. Quentin Tarantino

B. David Lynch

C. Alfred Hitchcock

D. Steven Spielberg

Answer: B. David Lynch

Question: Who is the author of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”?

A. J.K. Rowling

B. Harper Lee

C. Ernest Hemingway

D. Jane Austen

Answer: B. Harper Lee

Question: What is the term for a play that humorously exaggerates the shortcomings of people or institutions?

A. Tragedy

B. Comedy

C. Farce

D. Melodrama

Answer: C. Farce

Question: Which art movement emphasized spontaneity and emotional expression, often using bold colors and brushstrokes?

A. Cubism

B. Abstract Expressionism

C. Surrealism

D. Realism

Answer: B. Abstract Expressionism

Question: Who is known for his contributions to Pop Art, with works like “Campbell’s Soup Cans”?

A. Andy Warhol

B. Roy Lichtenstein

C. Jackson Pollock

D. Frida Kahlo

Answer: A. Andy Warhol

Question: What is the term for a short, witty, and often satirical poem?

A. Haiku

B. Limerick

C. Sonnet

D. Epic

Answer: B. Limerick

Question: Who is known as the “Queen of Crime” and authored famous detective novels like “Murder on the Orient Express”?

A. Agatha Christie

B. Arthur Conan Doyle

C. Raymond Chandler

D. Dashiell Hammett

Answer: A. Agatha Christie

Question: In which art form does an artist create a composition by assembling various objects and materials?

A. Sculpture

B. Collage

C. Painting

D. Pottery

Answer: B. Collage

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