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Geography Neco Practical Questions And Answers

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Geography Neco Practical Questions And Answers

Neco geography practical questions are as follows:

Determine the drainage pattern in the given area and explain its significance.

Conduct a cross-section analysis of a river channel and identify features such as meanders and oxbow lakes.

Measure and compare the temperature of urban and rural areas, discussing the urban heat island effect.

Investigate the impact of deforestation on the ecosystem, considering changes in soil quality and biodiversity.

Identify and classify different types of clouds observed in the sky during the fieldwork.

Assess the quality of water in a pond or lake by examining factors such as turbidity and dissolved oxygen levels.

Use the sun’s position in the sky to estimate the time and determine the latitude of the location.

Analyze the land use patterns in the area and discuss the factors influencing them.

Measure the size and shape of glacial features and explain their formation.

Conduct a population census in a selected settlement, considering age distribution and population density.

Evaluate the impact of a specific natural disaster (e.g., flood, earthquake) on the landscape and human activities.

Examine the soil profile at different depths and discuss the soil horizons present.

Calculate the relief ratio for the region and assess its implications for landforms.

Investigate the sources of air pollution in the vicinity and propose measures to reduce pollution levels.

Study the migration patterns of a particular bird species in the area and explain their ecological significance.

Measure the velocity and volume of a stream, then calculate the discharge.

Analyze the data from a weather station to identify climatic variations over a period of time.

Examine the types of rocks found in the field and discuss their geological significance.

Evaluate the effectiveness of erosion control measures implemented in the region.

Conduct a field survey on the distribution of wildlife species, considering factors influencing their habitats.

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