Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss2 Third Term Fine Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss2 Third Term Fine Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

JSS2 Fine Arts – Third Term Scheme of Work and Lesson Notes

Week 1: Public Art and Installations

Objective: Explore art in public spaces and installations.


Discuss the significance of public art.

Explore famous public artworks around the world.

Engage students in designing and creating temporary installations.

Week 2: Art and Technology Integration

Objective: Integrate technology further into art creation.


Explore augmented reality art and interactive installations.

Discuss the role of technology in shaping contemporary art.

Assign a project where students incorporate technology into their artworks.

Week 3: Art Entrepreneurship

Objective: Introduce students to the business side of art.


Discuss career opportunities in the art industry.

Teach basics of marketing and selling art.

Have students create a mock art business plan.

Week 4: Collaborative Art Projects

Objective: Foster teamwork and creativity through group projects.


Assign collaborative art projects where students work together.

Emphasize communication and compromise in the creative process.

Showcase the completed projects within the school community.

Week 5: Art Therapy and Well-being

Objective: Explore the therapeutic aspects of art.


Discuss the use of art in promoting mental health.

Engage students in art activities focused on well-being.

Reflect on the emotional and therapeutic value of art.

Week 6: Art and Social Change

Objective: Examine the role of art in driving social change.


Discuss historical instances where art influenced social movements.

Encourage students to create art that addresses social issues.

Facilitate a class discussion on the impact of art in driving positive change.

Week 7: Portfolio Development

Objective: Guide students in creating a portfolio of their work.


Teach the importance of a well-organized art portfolio.

Assist students in selecting and presenting their best works.

Provide feedback and tips for portfolio improvement.

Week 8: Final Exhibition and Reflection

Objective: Conclude the academic year with a comprehensive art exhibition.


Organize a grand exhibition showcasing students’ best works from the entire year.

Invite parents and the school community to the exhibition.

Facilitate a reflection session where students discuss their growth and achievements in Fine Arts.

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