Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss2 Second Term English Language Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss2 Second Term English Language Lesson Note


Week 1 (Second Term): Review and Grammar Games




Conduct a quick review of key concepts from the first term.

Engage students with interactive grammar games for reinforcement.

Assign a short writing task to assess retained knowledge.

Week 2: Spelling and Vocabulary Building




Introduce strategies for effective spelling and vocabulary building.

Provide a list of challenging words for students to learn and use.

Incorporate spelling and vocabulary into sentence construction.

Week 3: Reading Comprehension – Drama




Explore the elements of a drama – characters, dialogue, stage directions.

Read a short play together and discuss comprehension.

Assign roles for a class reading of a selected play.

Week 4: Conjunctions and Sentence Structure




Teach the role of conjunctions in connecting sentences.

Guide students through exercises to construct complex sentences.

Assign writing tasks requiring the use of conjunctions.

Week 5: Media Literacy – Analyzing Advertisements




Discuss the persuasive elements of advertisements.

Analyze various advertisements for language and visual techniques.

Have students create their own advertisement and present to the class.

Week 6: Report Writing – Research and Organization




Teach the structure of a report – introduction, body, conclusion.

Introduce basic research skills for gathering information.

Assign a report topic and guide students through the research process.

Week 7: Punctuation Mastery




Review common punctuation marks – comma, semicolon, colon, etc.

Engage in exercises focusing on proper punctuation usage.

Incorporate punctuation rules into writing assignments.

Week 8: Creative Writing – Short Stories




Discuss the elements of a short story – plot development, character arcs.

Provide prompts for creative short story writing.

Review and provide feedback on students’ short stories.

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