Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss3 First Term English Language Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss3 First Term English Language Lesson Note


Week 1: Introduction to Nouns and Pronouns


In the first week of the JSS3 English lesson plan, the focus is on laying a solid foundation by introducing nouns and pronouns.




Define nouns and pronouns.

Provide examples of each.

Engage students in identifying nouns and pronouns in sentences.

Conduct group discussions on the importance of nouns and pronouns in effective communication.

Week 2: Verbs and Tenses Exploration


Building on the previous week, week 2 delves into verbs and various tenses.




Define verbs and discuss their role in sentences.

Introduce present, past, and future tenses.

Engage students in constructing sentences using different tenses.

Conduct a quiz to assess understanding.

Week 3: Adjectives and Adverbs Mastery


This week is dedicated to understanding and using adjectives and adverbs to enhance descriptive writing.




Define adjectives and adverbs.

Provide examples and discuss their functions.

Encourage students to use adjectives and adverbs in descriptive paragraphs.

Peer review sessions for constructive feedback.

Week 4: Introduction to Prepositions


Week 4 focuses on prepositions and their role in indicating relationships between elements in a sentence.




Define prepositions and provide examples.

Engage students in identifying prepositions in sentences.

Conduct a group project where students create sentences incorporating prepositions.

Discuss common errors in preposition usage.

Week 5: Conjunctions and Interjections Unveiled


This week explores the use of conjunctions and interjections to enhance sentence structure and express emotions.




Define conjunctions and interjections.

Provide examples and discuss their impact on writing.

Facilitate group discussions on using conjunctions to connect ideas.

Encourage creative expression through interjections.

Week 6: Writing Mechanics – Capitalization and Punctuation


Week 6 shifts the focus to essential writing mechanics, emphasizing proper capitalization and punctuation.




Review rules for capitalization.

Explore the correct use of punctuation marks.

Engage students in writing exercises to apply capitalization and punctuation rules.

Provide feedback on written assignments.

Week 7: Reading Comprehension Strategies


This week is dedicated to honing reading comprehension skills.




Select a passage for reading.

Teach strategies for effective comprehension.

Conduct discussions on the passage to gauge understanding.

Assign reading comprehension exercises for practice.

Week 8: Creative Writing Workshop


The final week encourages creativity through a comprehensive creative writing workshop.




Explore different forms of creative writing (stories, poems, etc.).

Provide prompts to inspire original compositions.

Peer review and collaborative editing sessions.

Showcase and celebrate students’ creative works.

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