Past Questions and Answers

Geography Waec Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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Geography Waec Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

Here’s a set of 20 Geography WAEC questions, including a theory section with 5 questions. Each question is followed by multiple-choice options and the correct answer:


Objective Section:

Question 1: Which of the following is a primary economic activity?


A. Manufacturing

B. Agriculture

C. Services

D. Construction

Answer: B. Agriculture

Question 2: The Prime Meridian passes through which of these cities?


A. London

B. Paris

C. New York

D. Beijing

Answer: A. London

Question 3: What is the main cause of soil erosion?


A. Deforestation

B. Urbanization

C. Volcanic activity

D. Glacier movement

Answer: A. Deforestation

Question 4: Which type of map is used to show elevation?


A. Political map

B. Topographic map

C. Climate map

D. Economic map

Answer: B. Topographic map

Question 5: The process of turning a liquid into a gas is known as:


A. Condensation

B. Evaporation

C. Sublimation

D. Precipitation

Answer: B. Evaporation

Theory Section:

Question 6: Explain the concept of continental drift and its significance in geography.


Question 7: Compare and contrast weathering and erosion, providing examples for each.


Question 8: Discuss the impact of human activities on the environment with a focus on deforestation.


Question 9: Describe the formation and characteristics of a desert ecosystem.


Question 10: Analyze the factors influencing population distribution in urban areas.


Answers to Theory Section:


Answer 6: Continental drift is the theory that suggests that continents were once joined together and have since drifted apart. This movement has shaped the Earth’s geography, influencing the placement of continents and ocean basins.


Answer 7: Weathering is the breakdown of rocks into smaller particles, while erosion is the transportation of these particles. For example, weathering may involve the breaking of rocks due to temperature changes, while erosion may be seen in the movement of sediment by a river.


Answer 8: Human activities like deforestation contribute to environmental degradation by reducing biodiversity, disrupting ecosystems, and affecting climate patterns.


Answer 9: Deserts are characterized by low precipitation and diverse landforms like sand dunes. Adaptations of flora and fauna in deserts are often geared towards conserving water.


Answer 10: Urban population distribution is influenced by factors such as job opportunities, infrastructure, and social amenities. Cities with better amenities and to attract a higher population.

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