Past Questions and Answers

Jss3 Third Term Basic Science Past Questions And Answers

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Jss3 Third term Basic science past questions and answers

JSS3 basic science questions with options and answers:

Question: Which gas is responsible for the greenhouse effect?


A) Nitrogen

B) Oxygen

C) Methane

D) Hydrogen

Answer: C) Methane

Question: What is the chemical symbol for calcium?


A) Ca

B) Cu

C) Fe

D) Ag

Answer: A) Ca

Question: In the human body, what is the role of white blood cells?


A) Carry oxygen

B) Fight infections

C) Digest food

D) Produce hormones

Answer: B) Fight infections

Question: Which part of a flower contains the pollen?


A) Petal

B) Stamen

C) Sepal

D) Pistil

Answer: B) Stamen

Question: What is the SI unit of energy?


A) Watt

B) Joule

C) Newton

D) Kilogram

Answer: B) Joule

Question: What is the chemical symbol for nitrogen gas?


A) N

B) O

C) N2

D) NO2

Answer: C) N2

Question: Which type of eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon?


A) Solar eclipse

B) Lunar eclipse

C) Total eclipse

D) Annular eclipse

Answer: B) Lunar eclipse

Question: What is the process by which plants lose water vapor to the atmosphere?


A) Transpiration

B) Photosynthesis

C) Respiration

D) Absorption

Answer: A) Transpiration

Question: What is the chemical symbol for carbon monoxide?



B) CO2

C) CH4

D) C2H6

Answer: A) CO

Question: Which of the following is a conductor of electricity?


A) Rubber

B) Glass

C) Copper

D) Wood

Answer: C) Copper

Question: What is the main function of the cerebrum in the brain?


A) Control balance

B) Control voluntary movements

C) Regulate body temperature

D) Pump blood

Answer: B) Control voluntary movements

Question: In the electromagnetic spectrum, which type of wave has the longest wavelength?


A) Radio waves

B) Microwaves

C) X-rays

D) Gamma rays

Answer: A) Radio waves

Question: Which gas is produced during the process of respiration?


A) Oxygen

B) Carbon dioxide

C) Nitrogen

D) Hydrogen

Answer: B) Carbon dioxide

Question: What is the chemical symbol for lead?


A) Pb

B) Li

C) Pt

D) Pd

Answer: A) Pb

Question: Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure?


A) Barometer

B) Thermometer

C) Hydrometer

D) Anemometer

Answer: A) Barometer

Question: What is the function of the alveoli in the respiratory system?


A) Pump blood

B) Exchange gases

C) Digest food

D) Filter air

Answer: B) Exchange gases

Question: What is the chemical symbol for silver chloride?


A) AgCl

B) NaCl

C) CaCl2

D) FeCl3

Answer: A) AgCl

Question: Which type of energy is stored in an object due to its position?


A) Kinetic energy

B) Thermal energy

C) Potential energy

D) Electrical energy

Answer: C) Potential energy

Question: What is the function of the iris in the human eye?


A) Focus light

B) Produce tears

C) Control pupil size

D) Detect color

Answer: C) Control pupil size

Question: Which process involves the changing of a substance from a gas to a liquid?


A) Condensation

B) Evaporation

C) Sublimation

D) Melting

Answer: A) Condensation

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