Past Questions and Answers

SS3 Second Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 Second Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers

SS3 Creative Arts questions with options and answers:


Question: Which Renaissance artist is famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?


A) Raphael

B) Leonardo da Vinci

C) Michelangelo

D) Titian

Answer: C) Michelangelo

Question: In music, what term is used to describe the speed at which a piece of music is played?


A) Pitch

B) Rhythm

C) Tempo

D) Harmony

Answer: C) Tempo

Question: Who wrote the play “The Importance of Being Earnest”?


A) Oscar Wilde

B) William Shakespeare

C) George Bernard Shaw

D) Tennessee Williams

Answer: A) Oscar Wilde

Question: What is the term for a Japanese woodblock printing technique that became popular during the Edo period?


A) Sumi-e

B) Ukiyo-e

C) Haiga

D) Shodo

Answer: B) Ukiyo-e

Question: Who is known for his iconic statue of David and the painting “The Birth of Venus”?


A) Leonardo da Vinci

B) Michelangelo

C) Botticelli

D) Donatello

Answer: C) Botticelli

Question: Which type of literature is typically written in rhythmic and rhyming lines, often with a musical quality?


A) Prose

B) Poetry

C) Drama

D) Essay

Answer: B) Poetry

Question: What is the term for a style of theater that combines music, dance, and dialogue to tell a story?


A) Opera

B) Ballet

C) Musical

D) Play

Answer: C) Musical

Question: Who is considered the father of modern abstract art and created works like “Composition VII”?


A) Wassily Kandinsky

B) Piet Mondrian

C) Kazimir Malevich

D) Joan Miró

Answer: A) Wassily Kandinsky

Question: In literature, what term is used for a play on words that have similar sounds but different meanings?


A) Simile

B) Metaphor

C) Irony

D) Pun

Answer: D) Pun

Question: Which artistic movement, led by Marcel Duchamp, challenged traditional notions of art by incorporating everyday objects?


A) Pop Art

B) Dadaism

C) Cubism

D) Fauvism

Answer: B) Dadaism

Question: What is the term for a theatrical performance that combines spoken dialogue, music, and dance?


A) Play

B) Opera

C) Ballet

D) Musical

Answer: D) Musical

Question: Who is known for his contribution to the Pop Art movement and his artworks featuring Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soup?


A) Jackson Pollock

B) Roy Lichtenstein

C) Andy Warhol

D) Keith Haring

Answer: C) Andy Warhol

Question: What is the term for the visual illusion in art where objects appear smaller as they recede into the distance?


A) Foreshortening

B) Perspective

C) Chiaroscuro

D) Sfumato

Answer: B) Perspective

Question: Who is the author of the classic novel “Pride and Prejudice”?


A) Charlotte Brontë

B) Jane Austen

C) Emily Brontë

D) Charles Dickens

Answer: B) Jane Austen

Question: Which dance style originated in the Harlem Renaissance and is characterized by energetic, improvised movements?


A) Swing

B) Tap Dance

C) Jazz Dance

D) Contemporary Dance

Answer: A) Swing

Question: What is the term for a literary work that mocks or ridicules human vices, often with the intent of bringing about social reform?


A) Satire

B) Parody

C) Farce

D) Tragedy

Answer: A) Satire

Question: Who is known for his role in the development of modern ballet and founded the Ballets Russes?


A) George Balanchine

B) Vaslav Nijinsky

C) Serge Diaghilev

D) Rudolf Nureyev

Answer: C) Serge Diaghilev

Question: What is the term for a painting technique where pigments are mixed with a water-soluble binder medium?


A) Fresco

B) Tempera

C) Gouache

D) Encaustic

Answer: B) Tempera

Question: Who wrote the epic poem “The Odyssey”?


A) Virgil

B) Homer

C) Ovid

D) Sophocles

Answer: B) Homer

Question: In theater, what is the term for a brief remark made by a character that is intended to be heard by the audience but not by other ch



A) Soliloquy

B) Monologue

C) Aside

D) Dialogue

Answer: C) Aside

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