Past Questions and Answers

SS3 First Term Chemistry Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 First Term Chemistry Past Questions And Answers

Here are 20 thought-provoking questions designed to stimulate critical thinking. Each question is accompanied by multiple-choice options, providing a comprehensive challenge for students aiming to master the complexities of SS3 Chemistry.


Question: What is the molecular formula for sulfuric acid?


A) H2SO4


C) H2S2O2

D) H3SO4

Answer: A) H2SO4

Question: Which gas is responsible for the greenhouse effect?


A) Oxygen

B) Carbon dioxide

C) Nitrogen

D) Hydrogen

Answer: B) Carbon dioxide

Question: What is the chemical symbol for gold?


A) Au

B) Ag

C) Fe

D) Cu

Answer: A) Au

Question: In a redox reaction, which element undergoes oxidation?


A) The one gaining electrons

B) The one losing electrons

C) Both gain and lose electrons

D) Neither gains nor loses electrons

Answer: B) The one losing electrons

Question: Which of the following is a noble gas?


A) Helium

B) Oxygen

C) Nitrogen

D) Fluorine

Answer: A) Helium

Question: What is Avogadro’s number?


A) 6.022 x 10^23

B) 3.142 x 10^6

C) 9.81 x 10^5

D) 2.718 x 10^3

Answer: A) 6.022 x 10^23

Question: Which type of bonding involves the sharing of electrons?


A) Ionic

B) Covalent

C) Metallic

D) Van der Waals

Answer: B) Covalent

Question: What is the pH of a neutral solution?


A) 0

B) 7

C) 14

D) 1

Answer: B) 7

Question: What is the chemical formula for methane?



B) CO2

C) CH4

D) C2H6

Answer: C) CH4

Question: Which element is essential for organic compounds?


A) Carbon

B) Iron

C) Sodium

D) Calcium

Answer: A) Carbon

Question: What is the common name for sodium bicarbonate?


A) Baking powder

B) Table salt

C) Bleaching powder

D) Epsom salt

Answer: A) Baking powder

Question: What is the unit of electrical resistance?


A) Volt

B) Ampere

C) Ohm

D) Watt

Answer: C) Ohm

Question: Which gas is responsible for the unpleasant smell of rotten eggs?


A) Oxygen

B) Hydrogen sulfide

C) Methane

D) Carbon monoxide

Answer: B) Hydrogen sulfide

Question: What is the chemical formula for glucose?


A) C6H12O6

B) H2O

C) CO2

D) NaCl

Answer: A) C6H12O6

Question: Which law states that the pressure of a gas is inversely proportional to its volume at constant temperature?


A) Boyle’s law

B) Charles’s law

C) Avogadro’s law

D) Gay-Lussac’s law

Answer: A) Boyle’s law

Question: What is the primary component of natural gas?


A) Methane

B) Ethane

C) Propane

D) Butane

Answer: A) Methane

Question: Which metal is liquid at room temperature?


A) Mercury

B) Iron

C) Lead

D) Gold

Answer: A) Mercury

Question: What is the chemical symbol for silver?


A) Si

B) Sr

C) Ag

D) Sn

Answer: C) Ag

Question: What is the SI unit of energy?


A) Joule

B) Watt

C) Newton

D) Ampere-hour

Answer: A) Joule

Question: Which process involves the conversion of a solid directly into a gas?


A) Sublimation

B) Evaporation

C) Condensation

D) Melting

Answer: A) Sublimation

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