Past Questions and Answers

SS3 Second Term Chemistry Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 Second Term Chemistry Past Questions And Answers

To further enrich their learning experience, here are 20 thought-provoking questions accompanied by multiple-choice options. These questions delve into various aspects of Chemistry, challenging students to apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills.


Question: What is the chemical formula for hydrochloric acid?


A) HCl

B) H2SO4


D) H3PO4

Answer: A) HCl

Question: Which gas is produced during photosynthesis?


A) Oxygen

B) Carbon dioxide

C) Nitrogen

D) Hydrogen

Answer: A) Oxygen

Question: What is the molar mass of water (H2O)?


A) 18 g/mol

B) 22 g/mol

C) 24 g/mol

D) 16 g/mol

Answer: A) 18 g/mol

Question: In the periodic table, what is the group number for noble gases?


A) Group 1

B) Group 7

C) Group 8

D) Group 18

Answer: D) Group 18

Question: Which element is the most abundant in Earth’s crust?


A) Silicon

B) Oxygen

C) Aluminum

D) Iron

Answer: B) Oxygen

Question: What is the common name for acetylsalicylic acid?


A) Paracetamol

B) Aspirin

C) Ibuprofen

D) Naproxen

Answer: B) Aspirin

Question: In a titration experiment, what does the endpoint signify?


A) Start of the reaction

B) Neutralization

C) Equivalence point

D) Completion of the reaction

Answer: C) Equivalence point

Question: Which type of radiation has the highest energy?


A) Alpha

B) Beta

C) Gamma

D) Neutron

Answer: C) Gamma

Question: What is the molecular shape of methane (CH4)?


A) Linear

B) Trigonal planar

C) Tetrahedral

D) Octahedral

Answer: C) Tetrahedral

Question: What is the role of a catalyst in a chemical reaction?


A) Increase reaction rate

B) Decrease reaction rate

C) Change the products formed

D) Have no effect on the reaction

Answer: A) Increase reaction rate

Question: Which metal is a liquid at room temperature?


A) Mercury

B) Lead

C) Iron

D) Copper

Answer: A) Mercury

Question: What is the chemical symbol for potassium?


A) K

B) Po

C) Pt

D) Pb

Answer: A) K

Question: What is the oxidation state of an element in its pure, uncombined form?


A) 0

B) +1

C) -1

D) +2

Answer: A) 0

Question: Which law describes the relationship between the pressure and temperature of a gas at constant volume?


A) Boyle’s law

B) Charles’s law

C) Gay-Lussac’s law

D) Avogadro’s law

Answer: C) Gay-Lussac’s law

Question: What is the product of the combustion of hydrocarbons?


A) Water and carbon dioxide

B) Oxygen and nitrogen

C) Carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide

D) Methane and ethane

Answer: A) Water and carbon dioxide

Question: Which process involves the gain of electrons by an atom or ion?


A) Oxidation

B) Reduction

C) Ionization

D) Dissociation

Answer: B) Reduction

Question: What is the SI unit of pressure?


A) Pascal

B) Newton

C) Joule

D) Watt

Answer: A) Pascal

Question: Which subatomic particle is responsible for the chemical properties of an element?


A) Proton

B) Neutron

C) Electron

D) Photon

Answer: C) Electron

Question: What is the chemical formula for ammonia?


A) NH4

B) NH2

C) NH3

D) N2H6

Answer: C) NH3

Question: What is the primary component of Earth’s atmosphere?


A) Oxygen

B) Nitrogen

C) Carbon dioxide

D) Argon

Answer: B) Nitrogen

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