Past Questions and Answers

SS3 Third Term Physics Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 Third Term Physics Past Questions And Answers

This blog aims to be a beacon of knowledge, guiding you through the intricacies of physics. Brace yourself for a stimulating journey of discovery!



What is the primary function of a capacitor in an electrical circuit?


a) Store electrical energy

b) Resist the flow of current

c) Increase voltage

d) Convert mechanical energy to electrical energy


Answer: a) Store electrical energy



According to the law of conservation of momentum, what happens to the total momentum of a system of objects in the absence of external forces?


a) Decreases

b) Increases

c) Remains constant

d) Becomes zero


Answer: c) Remains constant



What type of lens converges light rays to a single point?


a) Convex lens

b) Concave lens

c) Plano-convex lens

d) Plano-concave lens


Answer: a) Convex lens



Which of the following is a scalar quantity?


a) Force

b) Velocity

c) Acceleration

d) Distance


Answer: d) Distance



What is the SI unit of frequency?


a) Hertz

b) Newton

c) Pascal

d) Joule


Answer: a) Hertz



What is the phenomenon where a wave bends around an obstacle?


a) Reflection

b) Diffraction

c) Refraction

d) Interference


Answer: b) Diffraction



What is the law that states the pressure of a given mass of gas is inversely proportional to its volume at constant temperature?


a) Boyle’s Law

b) Charles’s Law

c) Gay-Lussac’s Law

d) Dalton’s Law


Answer: a) Boyle’s Law



In nuclear physics, what is the process of combining two atomic nuclei called?


a) Fission

b) Fusion

c) Decay

d) Ionization


Answer: b) Fusion



Which fundamental force is responsible for holding the nucleus of an atom together?


a) Electromagnetic force

b) Gravitational force

c) Weak nuclear force

d) Strong nuclear force


Answer: d) Strong nuclear force



What is the SI unit of magnetic flux?


a) Weber

b) Tesla

c) Gauss

d) Henry


Answer: a) Weber

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