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Animal Husbandry Waec Practical Questions And Answers

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Animal Husbandry Waec Practical Questions And Answers

here are 20 potential WAEC Animal Husbandry practical questions that students might encounter:


Identification of Poultry Breeds:


Identify and name three different poultry breeds provided.

Livestock Handling:


Demonstrate the proper method of restraining a goat for medical examination.

Disease Recognition:


Identify symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease in cattle.

Pig Management:


Outline the steps involved in farrowing management for a sow.

Poultry Housing:


Draw a labeled diagram of a standard poultry house and explain its features.

Sheep Nutrition:


Formulate a balanced diet for sheep, indicating the necessary nutrients and their proportions.

Cattle Breeding:


Explain the advantages of artificial insemination in cattle breeding.

Egg Incubation:


Set up an incubator for hatching chicken eggs and monitor the temperature and humidity.

Pig Anatomy:


Identify and label major external parts of a pig.

Poultry Health Management:


Describe measures to control the spread of avian influenza in a poultry farm.

Rabbit Rearing:


Construct a simple rabbit hutch and explain its suitability for rabbit rearing.

Sheep Shearing:


Demonstrate the proper technique for shearing a sheep.

Dairy Cattle Management:


Explain the milking routine for a dairy cow and highlight hygiene practices.

Poultry Feeding:


Prepare a balanced feed ration for layers and broilers, specifying the ingredients.

Pig Breeds:


Identify and distinguish between two common pig breeds.

Cattle Handling:


Demonstrate the safe loading and unloading of cattle from a truck.

Poultry Vaccination:


Administer a vaccine to a chicken and explain the importance of vaccination in poultry farming.

Fish Farming:


Describe the basic requirements for setting up a fish pond and stocking it with fish.

Ruminant Digestive System:


Draw and label the digestive system of a ruminant.

Poultry Egg Quality:


Assess the quality of eggs based on external characteristics and explain their significance.

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