Past Questions and Answers

Government Neco Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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Government Neco Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

Here they are;

What is the main purpose of a referendum in a democratic process?


A) Electing representatives

B) Approving or rejecting a law

C) Establishing a political party

D) Selecting a head of state

Answer: B) Approving or rejecting a law


In international relations, what does the acronym “UN” stand for?


A) Universal Nations

B) United Nations

C) Undercover Negotiations

D) Unified Neighbors

Answer: B) United Nations


What is the role of the Speaker of the House in a parliamentary system?


A) Head of state

B) Head of government

C) Presides over legislative sessions

D) Chief Justice

Answer: C) Presides over legislative sessions


Which form of government is characterized by a single ruler with absolute power?


A) Oligarchy

B) Monarchy

C) Democracy

D) Autocracy

Answer: D) Autocracy


What is the significance of the separation of powers in a democratic system?


A) Concentration of power

B) Checks and balances

C) Authoritarian rule

D) Political isolation

Answer: B) Checks and balances


Theory Section (Continued):

Examine the concept of federalism and its impact on the governance structure of a country.


Discuss the factors that influence public opinion and their role in shaping government policies.


Analyze the challenges and benefits of a multi-party system in a political environment.


Explain the concept of political ideology and its role in shaping political movements.


Evaluate the role of the media in a democratic society, focusing on its impact on public awareness and political discourse.

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