Animal Husbandry Neco Practical Questions And Answers

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Animal Husbandry Neco Practical Questions And Answers

Here are Neco Animal Husbandry practical questions:


Pig Health Check:


Conduct a health check on a pig, identifying common signs of good health and potential issues.

Poultry Egg Collection:


Demonstrate the proper method of collecting and handling eggs in a poultry farm.

Cattle Housing:


Design a suitable housing plan for dairy cattle, considering ventilation and space requirements.

Rabbit Breeding:


Explain the reproductive cycle of rabbits and the key considerations for successful breeding.

Sheep Reproduction:


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of natural mating versus artificial insemination in sheep.

Pig Reproduction:


Outline the stages of the estrous cycle in a sow and the signs of heat.

Fish Feeding:


Formulate a cost-effective and nutritionally balanced feed for fish in a farm pond.

Poultry Waste Management:


Propose an environmentally friendly method for managing poultry waste in a farm.

Cattle Grazing Management:


Develop a rotational grazing plan for a herd of cattle, considering pasture health.

Disease Prevention in Rabbits:


Suggest preventive measures for common diseases affecting rabbits.

Goat Milking Technique:


Demonstrate the proper technique for milking a goat, emphasizing hygiene.

Pig Feeding Schedule:


Create a feeding schedule for pigs at different growth stages, specifying dietary requirements.

Poultry Watering System:


Design an efficient watering system for a poultry farm, considering water quality and access.

Cattle Breeds Selection:


Advise on suitable cattle breeds for meat production, considering climate and market demands.

Rabbit Hutch Sanitation:


Explain the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitary rabbit hutch.

Pig Housing Materials:


Evaluate different materials for constructing pig pens, considering durability and cost.

Disease Diagnosis in Poultry:


Demonstrate how to conduct a basic diagnosis for common poultry diseases.

Aquaculture Water Quality:


Discuss parameters for monitoring and maintaining good water quality in a fish farm.

Sheep Parasite Control:


Recommend effective strategies for controlling internal parasites in a flock of sheep.

Poultry Market Readiness:


Outline the criteria for determining when poultry is ready for the market, considering weight and age.

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