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Agricultural Science Neco Practical Questions And Answers

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Agricultural Science Neco Practical Questions And Answers

Neco Agricultural Science practical questions:


Livestock Management:


Demonstrate proper techniques for castrating a young bull.

Discuss the nutritional requirements for pregnant and lactating dairy cows.

Crop Pest and Disease Control:


Identify common pests and diseases affecting tomatoes and suggest control measures.

Demonstrate the use of a knapsack sprayer for applying pesticides.

Seed Germination:


Conduct a seed germination experiment and record observations.

Explain the factors that influence seed germination.

Agronomic Practices:


Outline the steps involved in land preparation for maize cultivation.

Discuss the importance of crop rotation in sustainable agriculture.

Silage Making:


Explain the process of making silage from forage crops.

Discuss the benefits of silage in animal nutrition.

Greenhouse Farming:


Set up a simple greenhouse structure and explain its advantages in crop production.

Discuss the management practices for temperature control in a greenhouse.

Agricultural Marketing:


Design a simple packaging label for a local agricultural product.

Discuss the role of cooperatives in improving farmers’ access to markets.

Farm Record Keeping:


Demonstrate how to keep basic farm records for a poultry farm.

Discuss the importance of record-keeping in agricultural enterprises.



Explain the process of harvesting honey from a beehive.

Discuss the economic benefits of beekeeping for farmers.



Set up a basic fish tank for indoor aquaculture.

Describe the feeding requirements for different stages of fish in aquaculture.

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