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Biology WAEC Practical Questions And Answers

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Biology WAEC Practical Questions And Answers

Here are 20 potential WAEC Biology practical questions that could be asked:


Question 1: Microscope Use


Examine the given slide under a microscope and identify the structures labeled A, B, and C.

Question 2: Dissection


Dissect a frog and outline the major organs in the digestive system.

Question 3: Plant Physiology


Investigate the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis in a leafy plant.

Question 4: Microorganisms


Culture bacteria from a provided sample and identify their characteristics.

Question 5: Genetics


Perform a genetic cross using provided traits in fruit flies and determine the phenotypic ratio.

Question 6: Ecological Study


Conduct a quadrat study to assess the biodiversity in a designated area.

Question 7: Enzyme Action


Investigate the effect of temperature on the activity of an enzyme using a provided substrate.

Question 8: Histology


Examine a section of mammalian tissue under a microscope and identify different cell types.

Question 9: Seed Germination


Study the factors influencing seed germination and present your findings.

Question 10: Animal Behavior


Observe and record the behavior of a specific animal in a controlled environment.

Question 11: Mitosis and Meiosis


Compare and contrast the processes of mitosis and meiosis using prepared slides.

Question 12: Water Quality Assessment


Analyze the water sample provided and assess its quality based on biological indicators.

Question 13: Field Study


Carry out a field study on a local ecosystem, documenting the flora and fauna.

Question 14: Respiratory System


Dissect a mammalian lung and identify its anatomical features.

Question 15: Population Dynamics


Analyze population data and discuss the factors affecting population growth in a specific species.

Question 16: Immunology


Perform an experiment to demonstrate an immune response in a given organism.

Question 17: Osmosis


Investigate the process of osmosis using different concentrations of a solution and plant cells.

Question 18: Conservation


Discuss strategies for the conservation of a specific endangered species based on provided information.

Question 19: Hormonal Regulation


Examine the role of hormones in a physiological process, using a provided scenario.

Question 20: Food Web Analysis


Construct a food web based on the interactions between organisms in a given ecosystem.

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