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Biology Neco Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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Biology Neco Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

Multiple Choice Section (Continued):

Which cellular organelle is responsible for detoxifying harmful substances in a cell?


A) Lysosome

B) Peroxisome

C) Endoplasmic reticulum

D) Ribosome

Answer: B) Peroxisome


What is the function of the enzyme amylase in the digestive system?


A) Break down proteins

B) Break down lipids

C) Break down starches

D) Absorb nutrients

Answer: C) Break down starches


Which gas is primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect on Earth?


A) Oxygen

B) Nitrogen

C) Carbon dioxide

D) Methane

Answer: C) Carbon dioxide


In genetics, what is the term for the physical appearance of an organism?


A) Genotype

B) Phenotype

C) Allele

D) Homozygote

Answer: B) Phenotype


What is the role of the nervous system in the human body?


A) Circulation of blood

B) Regulation of body temperature

C) Control of body movements and coordination

D) Digestion of food

Answer: C) Control of body movements and coordination


Which biome is characterized by freezing temperatures, permafrost, and limited vegetation?


A) Tundra

B) Desert

C) Rainforest

D) Grassland

Answer: A) Tundra


What is the function of the enzyme catalase in cells?


A) Break down carbohydrates

B) Break down fats

C) Detoxify hydrogen peroxide

D) Synthesize proteins

Answer: C) Detoxify hydrogen peroxide


Which process involves the conversion of glucose into pyruvate in the absence of oxygen?


A) Photosynthesis

B) Glycolysis

C) Krebs cycle

D) Electron transport chain

Answer: B) Glycolysis


What is the primary role of the kidneys in the human excretory system?


A) Filtration of blood

B) Digestion of nutrients

C) Production of hormones

D) Storage of urine

Answer: A) Filtration of blood


Which cell organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?


A) Nucleus

B) Mitochondria

C) Endoplasmic reticulum

D) Golgi apparatus

Answer: B) Mitochondria


Theory Section (Continued):

Discuss the process of DNA replication and its significance in cellular function. (5 marks)


Explain the concept of natural selection and its role in evolution. (5 marks)


Describe the structure and function of the human circulatory system. (5 marks)


Discuss the ecological impact of deforestation on biodiversity. (5 marks)


Explain the concept of homeostasis in living organisms. (5 marks)

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