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UNILAG Postgraduate Admission Form

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Are you aiming for a top-notch education that opens doors to great opportunities? Look no further than the University of Lagos (UNILAG), a prestigious public university located in Lagos, Nigeria. UNILAG stands as one of the country’s finest institutions, producing graduates highly valued by employers.

Why Choose UNILAG for Your Postgraduate Studies?

When it comes to quality education, UNILAG is a prime choice. Renowned for its strong academic reputation, the university offers a diverse range of postgraduate programs, including Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Fields of study span across arts, sciences, and social sciences, allowing you to delve into your passion and expertise. Doctorate programs, although limited in number, are highly esteemed by employers, adding prestige to your qualifications.

Applying for UNILAG Postgraduate Admission

For the academic year 2023/2024, UNILAG is now accepting applications for its Postgraduate Admission Form. The process is simple and user-friendly, accessible through the UNILAG website. Ensure you have the following details ready for a smooth application:

  1. Your personal information: Name, date of birth, gender
  2. Contact details: Email address, phone number
  3. Academic background: Qualifications from your previous studies
  4. Professional experience: Showcase your relevant work history
  5. Research interests: Highlight areas of study you’re passionate about

Once you’ve completed the application form, a modest application fee is required. For Nigerian applicants, the fee stands at N5,000, while international applicants are charged $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the cut off marks for UNILAG Postgraduate programs?

Cut off marks vary depending on your chosen course. Find specific cut off marks on the UNILAG website.

2. When is the UNILAG Postgraduate Form deadline?

The deadline for submitting the UNILAG Postgraduate Form is September 30th, 2023.

3. How can I reach out to UNILAG for inquiries?

You have multiple options: phone, email, or traditional mail. Visit the UNILAG website for contact details.

4. What are the requirements for UNILAG postgraduate admission?

Requirements vary based on the program, but all applicants must hold at least a Second Class Upper Division degree from a recognized university.

5. What are the application deadlines for UNILAG postgraduate programs? Deadlines vary depending on the program, but most programs share a deadline of September 30th, 2023.

6. What advantages come with studying at UNILAG?

Studying at UNILAG offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Exceptional academic reputation
  • Highly qualified teaching staff
  • Modern, top-tier facilities
  • Vibrant campus community
  • Affordable tuition fees

Embrace the opportunity to join the ranks of successful UNILAG alumni. With its outstanding academic offerings and excellent reputation, UNILAG stands as a pathway to a brighter future. Secure your spot by applying for the UNILAG Postgraduate Admission Form today!

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