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JAMB Direct Entry Form 2023/2024

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If you’ve already earned a diploma or degree and want to pursue higher education in a Nigerian university, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Direct Entry form can be your gateway to achieve that goal. This article provides a simple overview of the JAMB Direct Entry process, eligibility requirements, application steps, and its benefits and drawbacks.

What is JAMB Direct Entry?

The JAMB Direct Entry form offers a chance for individuals who hold a recognized diploma or degree to gain admission into universities in Nigeria without going through the traditional UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) route. This can save you time and let you begin your university journey a year earlier.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the JAMB Direct Entry form, you need to meet these criteria:

  1. Hold a diploma or degree from a recognized institution.
  2. Your qualification should be relevant to the course you intend to study.
  3. Have achieved at least a second class lower division (2.2) in your diploma or degree.

Application Process:

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply for the JAMB Direct Entry form:

  1. Visit the official JAMB website and create an account.
  2. Pay the required application fee.
  3. Complete the application form with accurate details.
  4. Upload necessary documents such as academic transcripts.
  5. Submit your application through the online portal.

Benefits of JAMB Direct Entry:

There are several advantages to applying through the JAMB Direct Entry route:

  1. Early Start: You can begin your university studies a year ahead compared to UTME applicants.
  2. Basic Coursework: By already completing foundational courses, you gain a head start in your university curriculum.
  3. Better University Placement: Your chances of securing a spot in a reputable university may increase.

Drawbacks of JAMB Direct Entry:

However, there are a few downsides to consider:

  1. Readiness: You might not have the same preparation as UTME students.
  2. Application Process: You may be less familiar with the university admission process.
  3. Tuition Fees: Direct Entry candidates could potentially face higher tuition fees.

Determining Eligibility:

To find out if you qualify for the JAMB Direct Entry form, consult the JAMB website. Each course has specific requirements listed on the site.

Submission Deadline: Typically, the deadline for submitting the JAMB Direct Entry form falls in May each year. Be sure to verify the exact cutoff date on the official JAMB website to avoid missing the application window.


The JAMB Direct Entry form offers a valuable opportunity for diploma and degree holders to fast-track their university admissions in Nigeria. While it comes with benefits such as an early start and potential better university placement, it’s essential to weigh these advantages against the potential drawbacks. Remember to stay updated with the official JAMB website for precise information and deadlines.

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