Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Second Term Physics Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Second Term Physics Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Second Term:


Week 1: Electrostatics


Lesson Note: Introduction to electrostatics, charging methods.

Scheme of Work: Study electric charges, conduct experiments on static electricity. Activity: Electrostatic demonstrations.

Week 2: Current Electricity


Lesson Note: Electric current, resistance, and circuits.

Scheme of Work: Analyze current and voltage, Ohm’s Law applications. Activity: Circuit-building experiments.

Week 3: Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Lesson Note: Magnetic materials, magnetic fields.

Scheme of Work: Investigate magnetic properties, discuss applications. Activity: Magnetic materials experiments.

Week 4: Modern Physics – Quantum Mechanics


Lesson Note: Introduction to quantum mechanics.

Scheme of Work: Explore quantum concepts, discuss the wave-particle duality. Activity: Quantum mechanics demonstrations.

Week 5: Optics – Wave Optics


Lesson Note: Interference, diffraction, and polarization.

Scheme of Work: Understand wave optics phenomena, conduct experiments. Activity: Optical interference demonstrations.

Week 6: Fluid Mechanics


Lesson Note: Properties of fluids, fluid dynamics.

Scheme of Work: Study fluid behavior, Bernoulli’s principle. Activity: Fluid dynamics experiments.

Week 7: Thermodynamics II – Heat Engines and Refrigerators


Lesson Note: Carnot cycle, heat engines.

Scheme of Work: Discuss thermodynamic cycles, analyze heat engines. Activity: Building a simple heat engine model.

Week 8: Nuclear Physics


Lesson Note: Structure of the atom, nuclear reactions.

Scheme of Work: Explore atomic structure, discuss nuclear reactions. Activity: Nuclear physics experiments.

Week 9: Waves II – Sound Waves


Lesson Note: Properties of sound, sound wave behaviors.

Scheme of Work: Study characteristics of sound waves, analyze resonance. Activity: Resonance experiments.

Week 10: Introduction to Astronomy


Lesson Note: Overview of astronomy, celestial bodies.

Scheme of Work: Discuss the solar system, introduce basic astronomical concepts. Activity: Observing celestial bodies.

Week 11: Revision Week


Lesson Note: Review second-term topics.

Scheme of Work: Practice questions, revisit challenging concepts. Activity: Group discussions, problem-solving.

Week 12: Examination Week


Lesson Note: Final preparation for exams.

Scheme of Work: Mock exams, revision sessions. Activity: Exam simulations.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Lesson Note: Recap the term’s highlights, discuss future topics.

Scheme of Work: Reflect on the term, plan for the next term. Activity: Term-end presentations, setting goals for the next term.

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