Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 First Term French Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 First Term French Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


SS1 First Term French Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to French


Lesson Note: Basic greetings and introductions.

Scheme of Work: Pronunciation practice, role-playing simple conversations.

Week 2: Numbers and Classroom Objects


Lesson Note: Learning numbers 1-20, identifying common classroom objects.

Scheme of Work: Counting exercises, labeling classroom items.

Week 3: Family and Descriptions


Lesson Note: Vocabulary related to family members and physical descriptions.

Scheme of Work: Family tree project, describing oneself and others.

Week 4: Days of the Week and Daily Activities


Lesson Note: Days of the week, routine activities in French.

Scheme of Work: Creating a weekly schedule, role-playing daily routines.

Week 5: Food and Beverages


Lesson Note: Vocabulary related to food and drinks.

Scheme of Work: Menu creation, dialogues in a restaurant scenario.

Week 6: Hobbies and Leisure Activities


Lesson Note: Discussing hobbies and leisure activities.

Scheme of Work: Group discussions on personal interests, creating a leisure activity poster.

Week 7: Directions and Places in the City


Lesson Note: Learning to ask for and give directions.

Scheme of Work: City map activity, role-playing asking for directions.

Week 8: Clothing and Shopping


Lesson Note: Vocabulary for clothing items and shopping phrases.

Scheme of Work: Designing a fashion show, practicing shopping dialogues.

Week 9: Weather and Seasons


Lesson Note: Expressing weather conditions and discussing seasons.

Scheme of Work: Weather forecast role-play, creating seasonal posters.

Week 10: Review and Cultural Exploration


Lesson Note: Recap of the previous weeks’ topics, introduction to French culture.

Scheme of Work: Group presentations on a French-speaking country, cultural exchange activity.

Week 11: Revision Week


Lesson Note: Comprehensive review of all topics covered.

Scheme of Work: Group quizzes, interactive games for reinforcement.

Week 12: Examination Week


Lesson Note: Preparation for the final examination.

Scheme of Work: Mock exams, addressing last-minute questions.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Lesson Note: Recap of the term’s highlights, farewell expressions.

Scheme of Work: Reflection on the term, setting goals for the next term.

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