Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss3 Third Term English Language Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss3 Third Term English Language Lesson Note

Here they are;

Week 1: Poetry Appreciation and Analysis


The third term commences with a focus on poetry, encouraging students to appreciate and analyze various poetic forms.




Introduce different types of poems (e.g., sonnets, haikus).

Analyze selected poems as a class.

Assign students to bring and present their favorite poems.

Discuss the use of figurative language in poetry.

Week 2: Novel Study – Character Development and Themes


This week involves a deeper exploration of a selected novel, emphasizing character development and overarching themes.




Choose a novel for study.

Analyze key characters and their development.

Discuss major themes within the novel.

Assign reading assignments and engage in group discussions.

Week 3: Creative Expression – Dramatic Monologues


Week 3 encourages creative expression through the creation and performance of dramatic monologues.




Define dramatic monologues.

Provide examples from literature and drama.

Guide students in writing their own monologues.

Organize a class showcase for students to perform their monologues.

Week 4: Media Literacy – Analyzing Advertisements and News Articles


This week focuses on developing media literacy skills by critically analyzing advertisements and news articles.




Discuss the impact of media on society.

Analyze advertisements for persuasive techniques.

Examine news articles for bias and objectivity.

Assign projects where students create their own advertisements or news articles.

Week 5: Short Story Writing – Plot Structure and Conflict Resolution


Week 5 delves into the art of crafting compelling short stories, emphasizing plot structure and conflict resolution.




Discuss the components of a short story (introduction, rising action, climax, resolution).

Analyze short stories as a class.

Guide students in creating their own short stories.

Conduct peer workshops for constructive feedback.

Week 6: Grammar Refinement – Advanced Punctuation and Sentence Variety


This week focuses on refining grammar skills, with an emphasis on advanced punctuation and sentence variety.




Review punctuation rules.

Explore the use of colons, semicolons, and dashes.

Encourage students to experiment with different sentence structures.

Peer review exercises for punctuation and sentence variety.

Week 7: Public Speaking Skills – Debates and Presentations


Week 7 hones public speaking skills through engaging in debates and delivering presentations.




Discuss the structure of a debate and effective presentation techniques.

Assign debate topics and organize debates.

Guide students in preparing and delivering short presentations.

Provide constructive feedback on communication skills.

Week 8: Final Review and Reflection


The final week of the academic year is dedicated to a comprehensive review of the term’s content and allows time for reflection on the overall learning experience.




Conduct a thorough review of the term’s lessons.

Facilitate class discussions on key takeaways.

Provide opportunities for students to share their favorite moments.

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