Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss2 Third Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss2 Third Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS2 Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


First Term Recap

Quick review of the first term’s key concepts and student achievements.


Second Term Recap

Brief overview of the second term’s exploration and advancements in creative arts.


Week 1: Introduction to Third Term and Street Art


Lesson Note: Exploring the world of street art.

Scheme of Work: Understanding the history and impact of street art.

Activities: Creating street art-inspired pieces, discussing renowned street artists.

Week 2: Environmental Art


Lesson Note: Creating art inspired by the environment.

Scheme of Work: Exploring the intersection of art and nature.

Activities: Outdoor art sessions, using natural materials for artworks.

Week 3: World Music Appreciation


Lesson Note: Discovering music from various cultures.

Scheme of Work: Explore traditional music from different regions.

Activities: Listening to and analyzing music from around the world, group presentations.

Week 4: Theater Production


Lesson Note: Planning and staging a short theatrical production.

Scheme of Work: Scriptwriting, casting, and rehearsals.

Activities: Finalizing scripts, costume and set design, and the actual performance.

Week 5: Multimedia Arts


Lesson Note: Introduction to multimedia in the arts.

Scheme of Work: Combining visual arts, music, and technology.

Activities: Creating multimedia art projects, showcasing versatility.

Week 6: Advanced Dance Forms


Lesson Note: Exploring advanced dance styles.

Scheme of Work: Learning specific dance genres and their cultural significance.

Activities: Choreographing and performing advanced dance routines.

Week 7: Creative Arts and Social Change


Lesson Note: Understanding the role of art in societal transformation.

Scheme of Work: Exploring art as a tool for social change and advocacy.

Activities: Group projects addressing social issues through various art forms.

Week 8: Music Fusion


Lesson Note: Blending different musical genres and styles.

Scheme of Work: Creating unique musical compositions by combining diverse elements.

Activities: Group projects where students fuse different genres into a single composition.

Week 9: Public Art Installation


Lesson Note: Planning and creating art installations in public spaces.

Scheme of Work: Discussing the impact of public art and its accessibility.

Activities: Collaborative projects, presenting and installing artworks in designated areas.

Week 10: Theater Workshop


Lesson Note: In-depth exploration of theater techniques.

Scheme of Work: Improvisation, physical theater, and character workshops.

Activities: Practical sessions, small group performances, and feedback sessions.

Week 11: Art and Technology Exhibition


Lesson Note: Showcasing the integration of art and technology.

Scheme of Work: Preparing and organizing an exhibition of digital and technological artworks.

Activities: Setting up and presenting digital art projects, interactive exhibits.

Week 12: Final Project and Portfolio Development


Lesson Note: Preparing a comprehensive portfolio of the year’s work.

Scheme of Work: Compilation of artworks, reflections, and self-assessment.

Activities: Assembling portfolios, peer review, and self-reflection.

Week 13: Culminating Arts Festival


Lesson Note: Hosting a creative arts festival.

Scheme of Work: Showcasing the best works from the year, inviting parents and the community.

Activities: Art exhibition, music and dance performances, theater showcases, and celebration.

End of Year Celebrations

Acknowledging and celebrating the students’ achievements in creative arts throughout the academic year.

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