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Unical Cut Off Mark For Economics 2023

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The University of Calabar (UNICAL) stands proudly as one of Nigeria’s esteemed universities, nestled in the heart of Calabar, the vibrant capital of Cross River State. Among its diverse array of academic offerings, UNICAL extends a warm invitation to aspiring economists through its Economics program. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the captivating realm of economics, shed light on UNICAL’s distinguished attributes, guide you through the application process, and illuminate the promising avenues that await economics graduates.

Understanding Economics:

Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, governments, and entire nations grapple with the challenge of allocating limited resources to fulfill their myriad desires and needs. Economists, like modern-day explorers, uncover the intricate pathways through which decisions are made, resources are managed, and societies thrive.

Reasons to Choose UNICAL for Economics Studies:

  1. Academic Prestige: UNICAL has solidified its reputation for delivering academic excellence, making it a beacon for knowledge seekers across Nigeria.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: UNICAL offers a diverse spectrum of economics courses that meticulously groom you for a rewarding career within the field.
  3. Expert Faculty: At UNICAL, a dedicated team of esteemed economists stands ready to impart knowledge through impactful teaching and groundbreaking research.

Steps to Apply for Economics at UNICAL:

  1. JAMB Examination: Commence your journey by registering for the JAMB examination, an essential step in the admission process.
  2. JAMB Results: Once your JAMB results are in your possession, proceed to apply for admission to UNICAL via the online portal.

Future Horizons for Economics Graduates:

Economics graduates emerge as versatile professionals with opportunities spanning various domains, including:

  • Banking Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consulting Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations

FAQs about UNICAL:

  1. What is the 2023 Cut-Off Mark for UNICAL? The cut-off mark for UNICAL in 2023 is 210, signifying that a JAMB score of 210 or higher is required for admission.
  2. What Courses Does UNICAL Offer? UNICAL’s array of courses includes Agriculture, Arts, Business and Management, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Social Sciences.
  3. How Can I Apply for UNICAL Admission? Embark on the admission journey by registering for the JAMB examination. Upon receiving your JAMB results, proceed to apply online for UNICAL admission.
  4. What Facilities Does UNICAL Provide? UNICAL’s infrastructure encompasses Libraries, Laboratories, Hostels, Sports Facilities, and Medical Facilities.
  5. What Extracurricular Activities Are Available at UNICAL? UNICAL fosters a vibrant campus life with diverse extracurricular activities, such as Sports, Clubs and Societies, Cultural Events, and Volunteering Opportunities.
  6. What Are UNICAL Alumni Doing Today? UNICAL alumni are engaged in a wide spectrum of pursuits, including roles in government, private sector enterprises, entrepreneurship, academia, and non-profit organizations.


As you contemplate your academic and career journey, consider the enriching prospect of studying economics at the esteemed University of Calabar. UNICAL’s legacy of academic distinction, robust curriculum, and dedicated faculty converge to offer you a transformative educational experience. Unlock doors to an array of career pathways, equipped with the wisdom to unravel the intricate tapestry of resource allocation in our dynamic world.

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