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Adeleke University Nursing School Fees

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Adeleke University, nestled in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria, is a private educational institution established in 2011. Known for its diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs, including nursing, the university is committed to offering quality education while providing financial support to its students through scholarships and aid programs.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Prospective nursing students at Adeleke University have the opportunity to avail themselves of various scholarships and financial aid programs. These offerings come from the university, governmental bodies, and private organizations. To get a comprehensive understanding of available scholarships and financial assistance, students are encouraged to engage with the university’s dedicated financial aid office.

Tuition and Fees Breakdown:

While the tuition fee for nursing at Adeleke University stands at N450,000 annually, it’s important to note that this encompasses more than just course costs. The fee covers textbooks, laboratory expenses, and other essential components. Additional fees include an acceptance fee of N50,000, a caution fee of N25,000, and a registration fee of N17,500. The list continues with fees such as library (N15,000), medical (N10,000), ID card (N1,000), ICT certification (N30,000), ICT (N10,000), sports (N2,500), PCA (N5,000), and Adeleke University Students’ Association (N3,500), culminating in a total cost of N937,300 per year.

Job Prospects for Nursing Graduates:

Nursing graduates from Adeleke University can look forward to a promising future in the job market. The nursing field is in high demand, offering numerous opportunities in both public and private sectors. Adeleke University equips its nursing graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. With the healthcare industry continually expanding, nursing professionals are well-positioned to contribute meaningfully to patient care and medical services.


While Adeleke University’s nursing program entails a relatively higher cost, the institution takes proactive steps to support students through scholarships and financial aid options. The university’s nursing graduates benefit from strong job prospects, thanks to the high demand for skilled nursing professionals. If a nursing career is your aspiration, Adeleke University presents a viable and commendable choice for your educational journey.

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