Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Second Term Mathematics Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Second Term Mathematics Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Second Term:


Week 1: Algebraic Expressions


Lesson Note:


Introduce algebraic expressions and terms.

Teach the simplification of algebraic expressions.

Activities: Solving problems involving algebraic expressions.

Scheme of Work:


Introduction to Algebraic Expressions.

Simplification of Algebraic Expressions.

Week 2: Equations and Inequalities


Lesson Note:


Introduce solving linear equations and inequalities.

Emphasize the concept of balancing equations.

Activities: Solving equations and inequalities in different scenarios.

Scheme of Work:


Solving Linear Equations.

Solving Inequalities.

Week 3: Geometry – Lines and Angles


Lesson Note:


Explore different types of lines and angles.

Teach angle properties and relationships.

Activities: Drawing and measuring angles, identifying types of lines.

Scheme of Work:


Types of Lines.

Properties of Angles.

Week 4: Geometry – Triangles and Quadrilaterals


Lesson Note:


Introduce triangles and quadrilaterals.

Teach properties and classifications.

Activities: Constructing triangles, identifying quadrilaterals.

Scheme of Work:


Types of Triangles.

Properties of Quadrilaterals.

Week 5: Geometry – Circles


Lesson Note:


Explore the properties of circles.

Teach the circumference and area of circles.

Activities: Calculating circle properties.

Scheme of Work:


Properties of Circles.

Circumference and Area of Circles.

Week 6: Data Handling – Statistics


Lesson Note:


Introduce statistics and data representation.

Teach measures of central tendency.

Activities: Collecting and analyzing data, calculating mean and median.

Scheme of Work:


Introduction to Statistics.

Measures of Central Tendency.

Week 7: Data Handling – Probability


Lesson Note:


Explore the concept of probability.

Teach basic probability calculations.

Activities: Probability experiments and calculations.

Scheme of Work:


Introduction to Probability.

Basic Probability Calculations.

Week 8: Ratio and Proportion


Lesson Note:


Introduce the concept of ratio and proportion.

Teach solving problems using ratios and proportions.

Activities: Solving real-world problems with ratios.

Scheme of Work:


Understanding Ratio.

Solving Problems with Proportion.

Week 9: Percentages


Lesson Note:


Explore the concept of percentages.

Teach percentage calculations and applications.

Activities: Percentage problems and applications.

Scheme of Work:


Introduction to Percentages.

Percentage Calculations and Applications.

Week 10: Financial Mathematics


Lesson Note:


Introduce basic financial concepts (simple interest, profit, loss).

Teach practical financial calculations.

Activities: Solving financial problems.

Scheme of Work:


Simple Interest.

Profit and Loss.

Week 11: Revision Week


Lesson Note:


Review key concepts covered in the second term.

Conduct practice tests and clarify doubts.

Activities: Revision exercises and group discussions.

Scheme of Work:


Revision of Second Term Topics.

Week 12: Examination Week


Lesson Note:


Prepare students for the end-of-term examination.

Review important concepts and answer questions.

Activities: Examination preparation and mock tests.

Scheme of Work:


Examination Preparation.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Lesson Note:


Recap the term’s learnings.

Provide feedback on the examination.


Farewell and encouragement for continuous learning.

Scheme of Work:


Reflection on Term.

School Dismissal Activities.

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