Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS2 First Term Cosmetology Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 First Term Cosmetology Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


SS2 First Term Cosmetology Lesson Plan


Week 1- Introduction to Cosmetology



Familiarize students with the basics of cosmetology.

Introduce the importance of personal grooming and hygiene.



Lecture on the history and significance of cosmetology.

Demonstration of basic personal grooming techniques.

Class discussion on the role of cosmetology in self-confidence.

Week 2- Hair Care Essentials



Understand the structure and types of hair.

Learn basic hair care routines and maintenance.



Lecture on hair anatomy and classifications.

Practical session on shampooing and conditioning techniques.

Group discussions on hair care challenges and solutions.

Week 3- Skin Care Basics



Explore the layers of the skin and their functions.

Introduce the importance of skincare routines.



Lecture on skin anatomy and skincare fundamentals.

DIY facial mask session.

Group research on natural skincare ingredients.

Week 4- Nail Care Techniques



Understand the structure of nails.

Develop skills in basic nail care.



Lecture on nail anatomy and common issues.

Hands-on practice in manicure and pedicure.

Group activity: Designing nail art.

Week 5- Makeup Artistry Part 1



Introduce students to makeup tools and products.

Begin learning basic makeup application techniques.



Lecture on makeup essentials.

Practical session on foundation and concealer application.

Peer assessment of makeup attempts.

Week 6- Makeup Artistry Part 2



Expand knowledge on makeup application.

Explore different makeup styles and trends.



Tutorial on eyeshadow and eyeliner application.

Group makeup challenge: Creating themed looks.

Class discussion on makeup in various cultures.

Week 7- Hair Styling Techniques



Learn basic hair styling methods.

Explore the art of braiding and simple updos.



Tutorial on basic hair styling tools.

Hands-on practice in braiding and styling.

Group project: Creating a hair styling tutorial video.

Week 8- Special Effects Makeup



Introduce students to the world of special effects in makeup.

Learn techniques for creating scars, wounds, and fantasy makeup.



Demonstration on special effects makeup.

Hands-on practice in creating wounds and fantasy looks.

Class discussion on the use of special effects in the entertainment industry.

Week 9- Salon Management



Understand the basics of managing a cosmetology business.

Learn about customer service and professionalism.



Lecture on salon management principles.

Role-playing scenarios on customer interactions.

Group project: Creating a mock business plan for a salon.

Week 10- Hair Coloring and Chemical Treatments



Explore the world of hair coloring and chemical treatments.

Understand the risks and benefits of various procedures.



Lecture on hair coloring techniques and safety precautions.

Practical session on applying hair dye.

Class discussion on the ethics of chemical treatments.

Week 11- Revision Week



Review key concepts and techniques learned throughout the term.

Address any remaining questions or concerns.



Comprehensive review sessions for each topic.

Q&A session to clarify doubts.

Practice exams and quizzes.

Week 12- Examination Week



Evaluate students’ understanding and application of cosmetology concepts.

Provide a platform for practical demonstrations.



Written exams on theoretical knowledge.

Practical exams for hands-on skills.

Peer assessment of practical demonstrations.

Week 13- School Dismissal Week



Recap the highlights of the term.

Provide final guidance and resources for continued learning.



Class reflection on the term.

Distribution of certificates or recognition for outstanding performance.

Farewell and best wishes for the upcoming term.

This comprehensive scheme of work aims to engage students in a dynamic and practical learning experience, equipping them with valuable skills in the exciting field of cosmetology.

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