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SS1 Third Term History Past Questions and Answers

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SS1 Third Term History Past Questions and Answers


Here are the SS1 history third-term past questions with options and answers:


Question: Who served as the third president of the United States?


a) Thomas Jefferson

b) George Washington

c) John Adams

d) James Madison


Answer: a) Thomas Jefferson


Question: The Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the United States, was acquired from which country?


a) Spain

b) France

c) England

d) Mexico


Answer: b) France


Question: The Monroe Doctrine aimed to prevent European colonization in which region?


a) Africa

b) Asia

c) North America

d) Latin America


Answer: d) Latin America


Question: The Battle of Gettysburg was a significant engagement during which war?


a) American Revolutionary War

b) War of 1812

c) American Civil War

d) Mexican-American War


Answer: c) American Civil War


Question: The transcontinental railroad in the United States was completed in which year, connecting the east and west coasts?


a) 1865

b) 1870

c) 1869

d) 1885


Answer: c) 1869


Question: The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1865, abolished:


a) Slavery

b) Alcohol

c) Women’s suffrage

d) Child labor


Answer: a) Slavery


Question: The Zimmerman Telegram, intercepted during World War I, revealed a secret communication between Germany and which country?


a) Mexico

b) Japan

c) Russia

d) Italy


Answer: a) Mexico


Question: The League of Nations, precursor to the United Nations, was established after which major conflict?


a) World War I

b) World War II

c) Cold War

d) Korean War


Answer: a) World War I


Question: The Dust Bowl, a severe environmental disaster, primarily affected which region of the United States during the 1930s?


a) Midwest

b) Northeast

c) West Coast

d) Southeast


Answer: a) Midwest


Question: The Marshall Plan provided economic assistance to help rebuild the economies of European countries after which war?


a) World War I

b) World War II

c) Korean War

d) Vietnam War


Answer: b) World War II


Question: The Nuremberg Trials prosecuted leaders of which country for war crimes committed during World War II?


a) Italy

b) Japan

c) Germany

d) Soviet Union


Answer: c) Germany


Question: The Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 was a failed attempt to overthrow the government of which country?


a) Cuba

b) Vietnam

c) Iran

d) Dominican Republic


Answer: a) Cuba


Question: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination based on:


a) Gender

b) Race

c) Age

d) Religion


Answer: b) Race


Question: The Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 addressed issues related to:


a) Civil rights

b) Environmental protection

c) Abortion

d) Gun control


Answer: c) Abortion


Question: The Watergate scandal led to the resignation of which U.S. president?


a) John F. Kennedy

b) Richard Nixon

c) Gerald Ford

d) Jimmy Carter


Answer: b) Richard Nixon


Question: The Camp David Accords, signed in 1978, aimed to establish peace between which two nations in the Middle East?


a) Israel and Egypt

b) Israel and Jordan

c) Israel and Syria

d) Israel and Lebanon


Answer: a) Israel and Egypt


Question: The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 symbolized the end of the Cold War between:


a) United States and Soviet Union

b) East and West Germany

c) North and South Korea

d) China and Taiwan


Answer: b) East and West Germany


Question: The establishment of the European Union (EU) was a significant development in the integration of countries on which continent?


a) Europe

b) Asia

c) North America

d) Africa


Answer: a) Europe


Question: The 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 targeted the World Trade Center in which city?


a) Washington, D.C.

b) London

c) Paris

d) New York City


Answer: d) New York City



The Arab Spring, a series of pro-democracy uprisings, began in which region?


a) Middle East

b) Latin America

c) Asia

d) Africa


Answer: a) Middle East

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