Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss1 Second Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss1 Second Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS1 Second Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

Week 1-3: Introduction to Second Term

Week 1:


Overview of the second term curriculum.

Importance of continuous learning in agriculture.

Class discussion on experiences during the break.

Week 2:


Introduction to new topics: Farm tools and equipment.

Practical session on identifying and using basic farm tools.

Guest speaker: Local farmer demonstrating advanced farm equipment.

Group project: Creating a chart on farm tools.

Week 3:


Importance of water in agriculture.

Watering techniques for different crops.

Field trip to a local irrigation facility.

Classroom discussion on water conservation in farming.

Week 4-6: Plant Propagation

Week 4:


Introduction to plant propagation techniques.

Types of plant propagation: Seeds, cuttings, grafting.

Classroom experiment: Planting seeds and monitoring germination.

Group project: Creating a step-by-step guide on plant propagation.

Week 5:


Importance of crop diversity.

Classroom discussion on local and exotic crop varieties.

Guest speaker: Agricultural extension officer discussing crop diversity conservation.

Practical session: Planting different crop varieties in the school garden.

Week 6:


Disease-resistant crops and genetic modification.

Classroom debate on the ethical implications of genetic modification.

Field trip to a research center focusing on crop improvement.

Group project: Presentations on the benefits and concerns of genetic modification.

Week 7-9: Soil Fertility and Conservation

Week 7:


Understanding soil fertility.

Fertilizers and their application methods.

Practical session: Applying fertilizers in the school garden.

Group project: Creating a poster on sustainable soil fertility practices.

Week 8:


Soil erosion and conservation techniques.

Classroom discussion on the impact of erosion on agriculture.

Field trip to observe soil conservation measures in action.

Group project: Designing a model for soil erosion control.

Week 9:


Composting and its benefits.

Practical session: Creating compost from organic waste.

Guest speaker: Environmentalist discussing the importance of composting.

Classroom discussion on waste reduction in agriculture.

Week 10: Farm Business Management

Week 10:

Basics of farm business management.

Planning and budgeting for a small farm.

Classroom discussion on the economic aspects of agriculture.

Group project: Creating a simple business plan for a farm.

Week 11: Revision Week

Week 12: Examination Week

Week 12:

Comprehensive review of the term’s topics.

Practice examinations.

Exam preparation tips.

Examination week activities.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week

Week 13:

Recap of the term’s highlights.

Distribution of report cards.

Setting goals for the next term.

Farewell activities.

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