Past Questions and Answers

Animal Husbandry Neco Past Questions And Answers Objective and Theory

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Animal Husbandry Neco Past Questions And Answers Objective and Theory

What is the primary purpose of dehorning cattle?

A. Enhancing aesthetic appeal

B. Reducing aggression

C. Increasing milk production

D. Preventing respiratory infections

Answer: B


Which of the following is a warm-blooded vertebrate?

A. Fish

B. Amphibian

C. Reptile

D. Mammal

Answer: D


What is the primary function of the udder in dairy animals?

A. Reproduction

B. Milk production

C. Digestion

D. Thermoregulation

Answer: B


What is the role of hormones in animal reproduction?

A. Regulation of body temperature

B. Control of metabolic rate

C. Coordination of reproductive processes

D. Synthesis of enzymes

Answer: C


Which of the following is a byproduct of poultry farming?

A. Wool

B. Honey

C. Feathers

D. Manure

Answer: C


Theory Section (Continued):


Discuss the concept of selective breeding and its significance in improving livestock traits.


Explain the key factors influencing the selection of suitable breeds for commercial poultry farming.


Elaborate on the principles of sustainable grazing management in cattle farming.


Discuss the common diseases affecting poultry and preventive measures for each.


Describe the process of artificial insemination in cattle and its advantages in animal husbandry.

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