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Agricultural Science Waec Practical Questions And Answers

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Agricultural Science Waec Practical Questions And Answers

Here are 20 WAEC Agricultural Science practical questions that students might encounter:


Crop Production:


Describe the steps involved in transplanting seedlings.

Explain the factors to consider when selecting a suitable site for a vegetable garden.

Animal Husbandry:


Outline the procedures for dehorning a cattle.

Discuss the importance of providing clean water for livestock.

Soil Science:


Conduct a soil pH test and interpret the results.

Demonstrate how to take a soil sample for nutrient analysis.

Poultry Farming:


Explain the key components of a brooder house.

Describe the signs of common poultry diseases and their control measures.

Fish Farming:


Set up a simple fish pond and explain the essential requirements for successful fish farming.

Discuss the steps involved in grading and sorting fish.

Farm Tools and Equipment:


Identify and demonstrate the proper use of three different farm tools.

Explain the maintenance practices for a plough.



Outline the steps involved in processing cassava into garri.

Describe the equipment needed for small-scale oil extraction from oilseeds.



Propagate a plant through stem cuttings and explain the process.

Discuss the benefits of mulching in horticulture.



Set up a simple beehive and explain the different components.

Describe the role of bees in pollination.



Demonstrate the setup of a drip irrigation system.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of flood irrigation.

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