Past Questions and Answers

SS3 Second Term Fine Arts Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 Second Term Fine Arts Past Questions And Answers

Question: Who is known for creating large-scale environmental artworks such as “The Gates” in Central Park?


A) Christo and Jeanne-Claude

B) Banksy

C) Jeff Koons

D) Yoko Ono

Answer: A) Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Question: The art movement characterized by using everyday objects as art is known as:


A) Pop Art

B) Abstract Expressionism

C) Minimalism

D) Dadaism

Answer: A) Pop Art

Question: The artist Hieronymus Bosch is famous for his detailed and fantastical depictions of:


A) Mythological creatures

B) Biblical scenes

C) Surreal landscapes

D) Portraits of royalty

Answer: C) Surreal landscapes

Question: What artistic style emerged in the 18th century, characterized by ornate details, asymmetry, and rich colors?


A) Rococo

B) Baroque

C) Neoclassicism

D) Romanticism

Answer: A) Rococo

Question: The artist Frida Kahlo is associated with which country’s artistic heritage?


A) Italy

B) Mexico

C) France

D) Spain

Answer: B) Mexico

Question: What is the term for a technique in which an image is created by arranging small pieces of colored glass or other materials?


A) Mosaic

B) Stippling

C) Pointillism

D) Collage

Answer: A) Mosaic

Question: The painting “The Scream” is an iconic work by which Norwegian artist?


A) Edvard Munch

B) Gustav Klimt

C) Wassily Kandinsky

D) Egon Schiele

Answer: A) Edvard Munch

Question: Which art movement sought to emphasize the emotional and psychological impact of the artwork, often using bold colors and distorted forms?


A) Expressionism

B) Cubism

C) Realism

D) Surrealism

Answer: A) Expressionism

Question: The Japanese art of flower arranging is known as:


A) Ikebana

B) Origami

C) Haiku

D) Sumi-e

Answer: A) Ikebana

Question: Who is the Dutch painter known for his detailed, realistic depictions of domestic interiors and scenes of daily life?


A) Jan Vermeer

B) Rembrandt

C) Hieronymus Bosch

D) Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Answer: A) Jan Vermeer

Question: The term “avant-garde” is often used to describe art that is:


A) Traditional and conservative

B) Experimental and innovative

C) Realistic and detailed

D) Abstract and geometric

Answer: B) Experimental and innovative

Question: Which artist, known for his mobile sculptures, is considered a pioneer of kinetic art?


A) Alexander Calder

B) Henry Moore

C) Alberto Giacometti

D) Jean Arp

Answer: A) Alexander Calder

Question: The painting “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli depicts the goddess Venus standing on a:


A) Seashell

B) Mountain

C) Cloud

D) Flower

Answer: A) Seashell

Question: Who is the French artist known for co-founding Cubism along with Pablo Picasso?


A) Georges Braque

B) Henri Matisse

C) Paul Cézanne

D) Fernand Léger

Answer: A) Georges Braque

Question: The art movement characterized by spontaneity and the use of unconventional materials is known as:


A) Dadaism

B) Surrealism

C) Abstract Expressionism

D) Pop Art

Answer: C) Abstract Expressionism

Question: The Italian Renaissance artist known for his frescoes in the Sistine Chapel is:


A) Raphael

B) Leonardo da Vinci

C) Michelangelo

D) Donatello

Answer: C) Michelangelo

Question: What is the term for a sculpture technique in which the final piece is carved from a single block of stone?


A) Assemblage

B) Bas-relief

C) Contrapposto

D) Monolithic

Answer: D) Monolithic

Question: The art style characterized by exaggerated motion and a strong sense of drama is:


A) Baroque

B) Rococo

C) Neoclassicism

D) Romanticism

Answer: A) Baroque

Question: The “Guggenheim Museum Bilbao” is an iconic example of which architectural style?


A) Brutalism

B) Deconstructivism

C) Modernism

D) Postmodernism

Answer: B) Deconstructivism

Question: What art movement emerged in the early 20th century, emphasizi

ng geometric shapes and abstraction?


A) Dadaism

B) Cubism

C) Futurism

D) Constructivism

Answer: D) Constructivism

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