Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS2 Third Term Cosmetology Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 Third Term Cosmetology Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Week 1- Advanced Hair Coloring Techniques



Explore advanced hair coloring methods.

Understand the science behind different coloring techniques.



Lecture on advanced hair coloring and its effects.

Practical session on balayage and ombre techniques.

Group project: Creating a color chart for various skin tones.

Week 2- Advanced Skin Treatments



Delve into advanced skincare treatments.

Learn about chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more.



Guest speaker on advanced skincare treatments.

Practical session on chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Case studies on skin conditions and treatment plans.

Week 3- Bridal Makeup and Styling



Specialize in bridal makeup and styling.

Understand the unique requirements for bridal beauty.



Tutorial on bridal makeup and hairstyling.

Hands-on practice in creating bridal looks.

Group project: Designing a bridal beauty portfolio.

Week 4- Advanced Nail Extensions



Master advanced techniques in nail extensions.

Learn about sculpted nails and advanced acrylics.



Demonstration of advanced nail extension methods.

Hands-on practice in creating sculpted nails.

Nail extension competition within the class.

Week 5- Spa Techniques and Therapies



Explore spa treatments in cosmetology.

Learn about massage techniques and spa therapies.



Lecture on spa treatments and their benefits.

Practical session on basic massage techniques.

Group project: Designing a spa treatment package.

Week 6- Advanced Makeup Artistry



Dive into advanced makeup artistry.

Explore editorial, runway, and avant-garde makeup.



Tutorial on advanced makeup techniques for different settings.

Hands-on practice in creating editorial and runway looks.

Group makeup challenge: Designing avant-garde makeup.

Week 7- Business Development in Cosmetology



Understand the business side of cosmetology.

Learn about entrepreneurship and branding.



Guest speaker on entrepreneurship in the beauty industry.

Group project: Creating a business plan for a beauty venture.

Class discussion on branding and marketing strategies.

Week 8- Advanced Hair Styling Techniques



Master advanced hair styling techniques.

Explore intricate updos, braids, and styling.



Tutorial on advanced hair styling tools.

Hands-on practice in intricate braiding and updos.

Hair styling competition within the class.

Week 9- Beauty and Fashion Collaboration



Explore the collaboration between beauty and fashion.

Understand the role of cosmetologists in fashion events.



Guest speaker on beauty and fashion collaborations.

Class discussion on the impact of beauty in fashion shows.

Group project: Creating a beauty and fashion collaboration concept.

Week 10- Advanced Special Effects Makeup



Dive deeper into the world of special effects.

Learn advanced techniques for character creation.



Workshop on advanced special effects makeup.

Practical session on creating realistic wounds and characters.

Class discussion on the role of special effects in movies and theater.

Week 11- Revision Week



Review key concepts and techniques learned throughout the term.

Address any remaining questions or concerns.



Comprehensive review sessions for each topic.

Q&A session to clarify doubts.

Practice exams and quizzes.

Week 12- Examination Week



Evaluate students’ understanding and application of advanced cosmetology concepts.

Provide a platform for practical demonstrations.



Written exams on advanced theoretical knowledge.

Practical exams for advanced hands-on skills.

Peer assessment of practical demonstrations.

Week 13- School Dismissal Week



Recap the highlights of the term.

Provide final guidance and resources for continued learning.



Class reflection on the term.

Distribution of certificates or recognition for outstanding performance.

Farewell and best wishes for the upcoming term.

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