Past Questions and Answers

SS2 First Term English Language Past Questions And Answers

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SS2 First Term English Language Past Questions And Answers

Here are 20 SS2 (Secondary School Grade 2) English questions with options and answers:


1. Introduction:

Identify the noun in the sentence: “The diligent student completed the challenging assignment.”


a) diligent

b) student

c) challenging

d) completed


Answer: b) student


2. Introduction:

Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence: “The cat __________ on the windowsill.”


a) is sitting

b) are sitting

c) am sitting

d) be sitting


Answer: a) is sitting


3. Introduction:

Identify the antonym of the word “vibrant.”


a) dull

b) lively

c) energetic

d) colorful


Answer: a) dull


4. Introduction:

Select the appropriate conjunction to join the sentences: “She wanted to go out, ________ it was raining.”


a) but

b) or

c) so

d) because


Answer: a) but


5. Introduction:

Identify the pronoun in the sentence: “They visited the museum yesterday.”


a) museum

b) they

c) yesterday

d) visited


Answer: b) they


6. Introduction:

Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence: “The book is __________ the shelf.”


a) at

b) on

c) in

d) under


Answer: c) in


7. Introduction:

Identify the synonym for “eloquent.”


a) silent

b) talkative

c) expressive

d) quiet


Answer: c) expressive


8. Introduction:

Select the correct adverb in the sentence: “She completed the task __________.”


a) quick

b) quicker

c) quickly

d) quickness


Answer: c) quickly


9. Introduction:

Choose the appropriate conjunction to join the sentences: “I enjoy playing soccer. ________ my brother prefers basketball.”


a) but

b) and

c) so

d) or


Answer: a) but


10. Introduction:

Identify the tense of the verb in the sentence: “They will visit us next week.”


a) past

b) present

c) future

d) present continuous


Answer: c) future


11. Introduction:

Select the correct plural form of “child.”


a) childs

b) childes

c) children

d) child’s


Answer: c) children


12. Introduction:

Identify the adjective in the sentence: “The blue sky brightened our day.”


a) blue

b) brightened

c) day

d) our


Answer: a) blue


13. Introduction:

Choose the correct possessive pronoun: “That book is __________.”


a) mine

b) my

c) me

d) myself


Answer: a) mine


14. Introduction:

Identify the conjunction in the sentence: “She wanted to go shopping, so she saved some money.”


a) shopping

b) and

c) so

d) some


Answer: c) so


15. Introduction:

Select the appropriate article to complete the sentence: “I saw __________ interesting movie yesterday.”


a) an

b) a

c) the

d) some


Answer: b) a


16. Introduction:

Identify the interjection in the sentence: “Wow, that was an amazing performance!”


a) amazing

b) that

c) an

d) wow


Answer: d) wow


17. Introduction:

Choose the correct comparative form of the adjective “far.”


a) farther

b) more far

c) farer

d) farest


Answer: a) farther


18. Introduction:

Identify the indirect object in the sentence: “She gave him a gift.”


a) she

b) him

c) gift

d) gave


Answer: b) him


19. Introduction:

Select the correct form of “to be” to complete the sentence: “I __________ a student.”



a) am

b) is

c) are

d) be


Answer: a) am


20. Introduction:

Identify the prefix in the word “misunderstand.”


a) under

b) stand

c) mis

d) understand


Answer: c) mis

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