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SS1 Second Term Auto Mechanic Past Questions and Answers (Objective and Theory)

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SS1 Second Term Auto Mechanic Past Questions and Answers (Objective and Theory)


Section A: Multiple Choice Questions (Second Term)


Question: What is the purpose of the differential in a vehicle?


A) Steering control

B) Equalizing wheel speed

C) Brake modulation

D) Air filtration

Answer: B) Equalizing wheel speed


Question: Which type of engine uses a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor?


A) Hybrid engine

B) Diesel engine

C) Rotary engine

D) Two-stroke engine

Answer: A) Hybrid engine


Question: The component responsible for igniting the fuel-air mixture in a diesel engine is:


A) Spark plug

B) Glow plug

C) Ignition coil

D) Distributor

Answer: B) Glow plug


Question: What is the primary function of a fuel injector in a modern engine?


A) Mixing air and fuel

B) Distributing spark

C) Injecting fuel directly into cylinders

D) Cooling the engine

Answer: C) Injecting fuel directly into cylinders


Question: What does OBD stand for in the context of automotive diagnostics?


A) On-Board Diagnostics

B) Oil and Brake Division

C) Overdrive Brake System

D) Operational Boost Driver

Answer: A) On-Board Diagnostics


Question: In a power steering system, what component assists in turning the steering wheel more easily?


A) Control arm

B) Ball joint

C) Power steering pump

D) Tie rod end

Answer: C) Power steering pump


Question: The purpose of an air filter in an engine is to:


A) Regulate fuel flow

B) Filter impurities from intake air

C) Control exhaust emissions

D) Enhance engine sound

Answer: B) Filter impurities from intake air


Question: What does ABS stand for in relation to braking systems?


A) Advanced Brake System

B) Anti-lock Brake System

C) Automatic Braking Solution

D) Accelerated Braking Sequence

Answer: B) Anti-lock Brake System


Question: The purpose of a timing belt in an engine is to:


A) Control valve timing

B) Generate electrical power

C) Connect the transmission

D) Regulate fuel injection

Answer: A) Control valve timing


Question: What is the role of the ECU (Engine Control Unit) in a modern vehicle?


A) Controlling engine functions

B) Managing tire pressure

C) Monitoring exhaust emissions

D) Adjusting suspension settings

Answer: A) Controlling engine functions


Section B: Theory Questions (Second Term)


Question: Explain the concept of regenerative braking in hybrid and electric vehicles.


Question: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of turbocharging in internal combustion engines.


Question: Describe the importance of a properly functioning exhaust system in an automobile.


Question: Compare and contrast the features and benefits of drum brakes and disc brakes in automotive braking systems.


Question: Explain the term “torque” in the context of automotive engines and its significance in vehicle performance.

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