Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss3 Third Term Music Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss3 Third Term Music Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS3 Third Term Music Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1-2: World Music Exploration


In-depth study of music from different parts of the world.

Analysis of traditional instruments, rhythms, and melodies.

Practical sessions incorporating elements from various world music styles.

Group projects on presenting and performing a chosen world music piece.

Week 3-4: Advanced Music Composition


Advanced exploration of music composition techniques.

Practical exercises composing longer and more intricate pieces.

Individual and group projects focused on original compositions.

Peer review sessions to refine and enhance compositions.

Week 5-6: Music and Social Issues


Examination of how music reflects and addresses social issues.

Analysis of protest songs, political anthems, and music for change.

Group discussions on the role of musicians in advocating for social change.

Practical sessions creating music to raise awareness about a social issue.

Week 7-8: Music and Technology Integration II


Advanced exploration of music production software and techniques.

Practical sessions on digital music editing, mixing, and mastering.

Group projects creating sophisticated digital music compositions.

Discussions on emerging trends and innovations in music technology.

Week 9-10: Music Performance Skills


Development of live performance skills, including stage presence.

Practical sessions on playing and singing in a group setting.

Group projects preparing musical performances for an audience.

Peer and self-assessment to improve individual and group performances.

Week 11: Revision Week


Comprehensive review of critical concepts and skills covered in the third term.

Intensive practice sessions to reinforce understanding.

Addressing any remaining questions or concerns.

Week 12: Examination Week


Final preparation for the end-of-term examination.

Mock exams with a focus on complex topics and skills.

Revision based on feedback from practice exams.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Reflection on the overall musical journey throughout the academic year.

Recognition and celebration of students’ accomplishments in music.

Distribution of examination results and feedback.

Announcement of any musical events or projects for the future..

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