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FUNAI Cut Off Mark For Nursing 2023

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Federal University Ndufu-Alike (FUNAI) is a public university located in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Established in 1999, it has quickly become one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing universities. FUNAI offers a diverse range of courses, including Nursing. In this blog post, we will discuss the admission process for Nursing at FUNAI, including the requirements, cut-off marks, and other essential details.

Admission Requirements for Nursing at FUNAI:

If you’re aspiring to study Nursing at FUNAI, there are specific requirements you need to fulfill:

  1. Educational Qualifications:
    • You must have a credit pass in English Language, Mathematics, and Biology.
    • Additionally, a credit pass in either Chemistry or Physics is required.
    • Your O’Level results should include a minimum of five (5) credits.

Cut-off Mark for Nursing in 2023:

For the year 2023, the cut-off mark for Nursing at FUNAI is set at 180. This means that candidates who score 180 or above in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) are eligible to apply for admission into the Nursing program. Keep in mind that the cut-off mark might be higher for certain departments.

Application Process:

  1. Apply and meet the requirements: Apply to FUNAI and ensure you meet the specified requirements for Nursing.
  2. Interview and post-UTME screening: If you meet the requirements, you will be invited for an interview and post-UTME screening. These assessments will evaluate your academic performance, communication skills, and suitability for the Nursing program.
  3. Final admission list: Based on your performance in the interview and post-UTME screening, the final admission list will be determined.

Tuition Fees at FUNAI:

The tuition fee at FUNAI varies based on the chosen course of study. On average, for a four-year degree program, the tuition fee is around N100,000 per year.

Accommodation Options:

FUNAI provides various on-campus accommodation options for students. These include hostels, apartments, and bungalows, ensuring you have a comfortable place to stay during your studies.

Extracurricular Activities:

Apart from academic pursuits, FUNAI offers a range of extracurricular activities for students. These activities encompass sports, clubs, and societies, giving you opportunities to engage in diverse interests and develop valuable skills outside the classroom.

Job Prospects for FUNAI Graduates:

FUNAI graduates enjoy favorable job prospects in the Nigerian job market. The university’s quality education equips students with skills and knowledge that are in demand, making them valuable assets to potential employers.


Embarking on a Nursing journey at Federal University Ndufu-Alike (FUNAI) can be a rewarding experience. By meeting the admission requirements and excelling in the interview and post-UTME screening, you can set yourself on a path to a successful career in the field of Nursing. Moreover, FUNAI’s extracurricular activities and supportive environment enhance the overall university experience, preparing you for a bright future ahead

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