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Easy Steps to Travel to Canada for Free On Scholarship 2023.

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You are being presented today with the Easy Steps to Travel to Canada for Free On Scholarship 2023. This is specifically for those who wishes to travel to live and study in Canada for a better future.

Introduction to Easy Steps to Travel to Canada for Free On Scholarship

Some of you may be asking yourself how do you travel to Canada for free?,  Canada has a lot of ways you can immigrate for free, but the easiest way and more conducive way to travel to Canada is by applying for a student visa and studying in Canada.

Thus, it is not cheap to study in Canada, because as you know they have some of the best schools in the world and they don’t come cheap. However, with the many available scholarships and student grants, you can move to Canada for free with all expenses covered.

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Overview of Easy Steps to Travel to Canada

Moreover, many people want to move to Canada but cannot afford to pay for it, and these days it has become increasingly difficult to cover all of the expenses of obtaining a visa or even moving to Canada.

And not many people can afford to pay for their studies in Canada, luckily, there are lots of scholarships fully funded and partially funded that would help you take care of your studies.

The Canadian government in their bid to attract more international students to the country has provided so many scholarships, grants, and free schools to make life easier for international students.

As you may already know, international students who come to Canada to study help to improve the economy of the nation. This is why it is paramount to the Canadian government to attract many international students.

Requirements for a Scholarship in Canada

Here we can only try to list the general scholarship requirements in Canada, however, you still need to check the individual scholarship requirement to check if you are eligible.

Research Experience: If you are applying for graduate studies, it is vital to have some research experience in your field as it would even boost your chances of getting a scholarship fast.

Educational Qualification: If you are applying for an Undergraduate scholarship, then you need to complete high school or secondary school to be eligible. And if you applying for graduate study you need to have completed undergraduate studies.

Work Experience: not all scholarships require work experience to apply for especially undergraduate scholarships. However, if you are applying for graduate studies and doctorate studies, you must gain useful working experience to increase your chances.

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Language Proficiency: Canada has two official languages English language and French language. You must be proficient with either or both of them to qualify or be eligible to apply for a scholarship or even a student visa.

Academic Excellence: academic performance and achievements is a very important consideration for many scholarships offered in Canada. Candidates who show great academic performance usually receive a merit scholarship.

Demonstrate Financial Need: some scholarships offered in Canada are based on the financial needs of students. A student who shows or demonstrates financial need is considered for this type of scholarship.

Easy Steps to Travel to Canada for Free on Scholarship

  1. Apply for Admission to a University in Canada and Apply for a Scholarship

You should search for a good school of your choice and apply for admission. Some universities offer you an entrance scholarship to take care of your first year, and for others, you have to apply for different scholarships offered.

You must know the requirement of each scholarship you want to apply for, and then check you meet these requirements. The requirements for each scholarship vary, and depending on the type of scholarship, you may have to be in Canada to receive it, or just get the scholarship from your home country before you travel.

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  1. Choose the Right Scholarship for You and Apply

I’d recommend you concentrate on getting a fully-funded scholarship because they are more lucrative. To find the top scholarships in Canada.

When you have found the right scholarships for you, you can start applying to as many as possible and ensure you meet all the requirements listed.

  1. You Can Also Search for Affordable Universities

It is rare to see a completely free school in Canada, but there are lots of good schools offering cheaper study rates. Finding cheaper schools in Canada will help you cut down costs and then you can apply for any government grant or scholarship to help pay off the scholarships.

  1. Apply for Student Visa and Fly to Canada

When you have secured admission to a school in Canada and applied for a scholarship. The next step is to move to Canada with a student visa to begin your studies. If you obtained a fully-funded scholarship, then your expenses including visa fee, transport, and accommodation will be covered.

  1. Find Student Jobs

One beautiful thing about Canada and why so many students prefer to study in Canada is because they make things easier for their students both financially or otherwise. One way Canada is making life easy for her students is allowing students to work and gain some money for themselves.

This way, you can pay for your tuition and still gain some Canadian working experience before your graduation. You can find good paying student jobs to help you fund studies in Canada and also gain some working experience while doing that.

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Different Type of Scholarships to Apply for in Canada

There are lots of scholarships in Canada available to international students. Fully-Funded covers the full expenses of your studies in Canada including your flight and accommodation, while the partially Funded Scholarship covers just half of your tuition fee which would mean you will also get a student job in Canada to cover the remaining part. There are also student grants which is a small fee paid every year for books and other minor expenses.

To explain the different scholarships available in Canada for you, we have listed the different types of scholarships available in Canada.

  • Scholarships Funded By the Government

Scholarships in many countries are provided by the government. In Canada, there are thousands of scholarships provided by the government for international students and they are either partially funded, or fully funded.

  • Scholarships Funded by Private Organizations

Just like the government-funded scholarships, there are a lot of scholarships funded by private organizations and available for international students around the world. You can find them either from your faculty organization or through different scholarship portals.

  • Scholarships Based on Country

If you are from a selected country, usually a developing nation, you may already qualify for a scholarship to study in Canada. What you need to do is to visit Edu Canada to find scholarships available for your country. You can also find a list of scholarships by country on this guide.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships

Usually for students who meet a certain requirement(s) for a scholarship provided. The requirements are usually based on educational qualification, or financial status being considered (For students who cannot afford to sponsor their education in Canada). You stand a high chance with this type of scholarship because once you meet the requirement, you will be awarded a fully-funded scholarship to travel and study in Canada for free.

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  • Scholarships from University/College

This type of scholarship is made available by universities and colleges in Canada. Some schools in Canada provide entrance scholarships for international students and you don’t even need to apply to be considered for these types of scholarships. Once you gain admission into the school, you will automatically qualify for a scholarship.

  • Financial Need Scholarship

Just as the name suggests, this scholarship is for students who demonstrate or show financial need, and those who cannot sponsor or have anybody to sponsor their education in Canada.


As long as you follow all the said procedures for Easy Steps to Travel to Canada which we have listed above, I am assuring you that success will all be yours in the end. Also make sure to have met all the necessary procedures before starting your application so as to stand a chance of being selected in the end.

Also, make sure to have all the required documents for Easy Steps to Travel to Canada to avoid disqualification after the whole process.

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