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The MBBS in USA-Costs, Free Tuition Programs and Entry Requirements 2023.

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The MBBS in the USA-Entry Requirements, Costs and Free Tuition programs for eligible students to further their academic career in USA.

Introduction on the MBBS in USA

This is indeed another great opportunity for all the students that really want to study             under free tuition fee in the United States.

Therefore, whether you want to study a degree in Medicine and Surgery or in Nursing or in Dentistry or whichever branch of medicine your interest may be, this post is specific in guiding you on such information you need to know about the Entry Requirements, Costs of tuitions as well as Free Tuition programs in the United States of America (USA) to help you achieve your dream.

Hence, in most countries, MBBS is a general bachelor’s degree awarded to those who want to be medical professionals. After gaining their MBBS degree, they either look for a place to work or further their degrees in their chosen area of specialization.

And, things work differently in the United States, instead of an MBBS degree; undergraduate students of a medical degree are awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (B.S).

For a postgraduate degree in a medical field, they are awarded a Doctor in Medicine (M.D) degree.

Studying a Medical Degree in USA

Now, when searching for undergraduate medical degrees in the USA, you have to be a bit more specific than you normally would. An example: If you plan to be a nurse, you have to start with the ‘B.S Nursing’.

Currently, there is scarcity of medical practitioners in practically every country of the world; hence, there will always be need for more hands in the field.

Therefore, having a Medical degree opens door to you both home and abroad. If you have chosen a medical career path, opportunities abound for you.

In the next section, we have compiled a general list of admission requirements for a medical degree (B.S or M.D) in the USA. Kindly note, this article is directed at international students looking to study MBBS in the USA.

B.S Admission Requirements in the USA

  • Secondary education or college transcripts with accepted grades. (Note: accepted grades vary by the university)
  • English language proficiency test results,
  • Passport data page

M.D Admission Requirements in the USA

  • A science-related undergraduate degree.
  • At least two letters of recommendation.
  • MCA Test Scores.
  • Proficiency of English language Test (Check the acceptable tests and grades of your chosen university)
  • Official transcripts of an undergraduate degree in English.
  • At least two letters of recommendation
  • Passport data page.
  • Resume/Cv.

Cost of Studying a Medical Degree in the USA

An undergraduate medical degree typically runs for about four years and the cost for international students ranges from $25000 – $35000 per annum.

A USA postgraduate medical degree lasts for about four years and the tuition fee per annum for international students ranges from $10,000 – $100000.

Please note that the requirements and costs stated above might vary slightly depending on the medical school. It is always advisable to reach out directly to your school of interest for detailed information on cost and entry requirements.

Free Tuition programs for Future MBBS Students in USA

There are numerous tuition-free programs and full scholarships in the USA for prospecting medical students especially those for the undergraduate degree category, some of such programs you can take advantage of include;

College of the Ozarks-The MBBS in USA

This is a free tuition Christian school located in Point Lookout, Missouri. The college offers some science-related bachelor’s degrees which is helpful for those who plan to do an M.D late on.

It is important to note that students have to work for 15 hours a week to be qualified for tuition-free education.

Military State Academies

Though tuition is free in the academy, you cannot directly apply to the academy yourself. Your country first has to be on eligible countries that can nominate students to study at the academies, then you will have to contact the U.S Defense attaché office at the American embassy in your country.

Fulbright Student Program-The MBBS in USA

The Fulbright program offers full scholarships to international students studying in the USA. The scholarships cover the student’s tuition fee, textbooks, flight tickets, medical insurance and stipends.

Full List of Scholarships in USA

You can also explore our endless list of scholarships and funding programs available to students of all nationalities in any discipline to study in the United States.


Additionally, checking the international students’ information page of your choice institution is one effective way to find out available direct funding programs can also take advantage of.

So, as you are free to apply as long as you have met all the necessary requirements and criteria.

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