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The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, Canada 2023.

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Here is The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, Canada 2023 for all the students who are currently looking for grants in order to proceed for education, specifically at the starting level being undergraduate.

Introduction to The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

Today is another beautiful day to talk about scholarships and grants for students who are willing to study abroad so as to have a better education.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, 2022 is offered for Bachelors, Other degree in the field of Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture or paint making). You can apply to this scholarship here. The deadline for the sending your application is Always Open.

This scholarship is provided by The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and the value of this scholarship is Full Funding, $17,000 – $20,000 Canadian Dollars. This scholarship is open for: Open to all nationalities.

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General Grant Overview

It might interest you to know that the level Degree is basically for Bachelors and Other levels focusing mainly on undergraduates.

And the grants or scholarship offer is provided by The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation which the Deadline is Always Open2.

Thus, the Scholarship value is specifically a Full Funding worth of $17,000 – $20,000 Canadian Dollars.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant 2022 offers scholarships to art students, artists, and sculptors to promote and encourage skills in the traditional means of artistic expression.

What is a Court-Appointed Attorney?

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation is a private Canadian charity established in 1955 by Charles Glass Greenshields, Q.C., a distinguished Montreal lawyer, and amateur artist, in memory of his mother, Elizabeth. Foundation has provided financial assistance to more than 2000 students and artists from 80 countries.

Eligibility for The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

  • The applicants for the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant should be in the early or developmental stage of their career.
  • The candidates should do painting, drawing, figurative style of engraving, and sculpture.
  • The applicants should show that they will make a career in these areas.
  • The candidates should be at least 18 years of age.
  • The applicants who have already received the scholarship can apply for the second and third years after one year of their previous grant.
  • The candidates whose application has been rejected can apply after two years.
  • Those who work in the abstract or non-representational domain are not eligible.
  • The applicants who are photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, animation designers, cartoonists, artisans, filmmakers, videographers, or commercial artists are not eligible.

Method or Processes of Application

  • How to Apply: Applications must be completed and submitted online application at the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation online portal. Applications submitted in any other manner, including by email, mail, or otherwise, will not be accepted.
  • Supporting Documents: Applicants must provide all the information and upload all the material and documentation required for the application.
  • Personal Information- Applicant’s full name, artist name (if any), gender, date of birth, contact information, country of citizenship, website URL, and how they heard about the Foundation.
  • Proof of Identity- Government-issued photo ID and proof of citizenship, current address, and date of birth.
  • Education and Training- A list of the universities, colleges, and art schools attended with the degrees/diplomas obtained and the graduation date (or projected date).
  • Exhibitions- A list of the exhibitions in which the applicant’s work has been displayed during the previous five years or will be displayed in the next two years.
  • Portfolio- Images of six representative works (no more or less) produced in the two years immediately preceding the date of the application. These must be original works produced by the applicant alone.
  • Proof of Acceptance- If the applicant is applying to further their art education or training, a proof of acceptance or enrollment from the institution where they intend to study or train.
  • Artistic Proposal- A description of the proposed work, project, course of study, or training the applicant intends to undertake with a grant from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation.
  • Artist Statement- A brief artist statement relating to the applicant’s previous and current work.
  • Budget- A budget for the proposed work, project, course of study, or training described in the applicant’s Artistic Proposal.
  • Letter of Reference- A letter of reference from a teacher or professor, an artist or curator who is familiar with both the applicant and the applicant’s work and can support their application.
  • Admission Requirements: Applicants must hold a previous degree certificate with excellent marks.
  • Language Requirement: The students must know conversational French or English language at least.


We will keep providing you all with scholarship and grants programs to embark on so as to make a better educational career in the end, yet considering the fact that most people might not afford the worth of schooling abroad, so this provisions becomes the best way out for most of them.

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