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UCH Ibadan School Of Nursing Cut Off Mark For 2023/2024

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Are you aspiring to become a nurse and considering the prestigious UCH Ibadan School of Nursing in Nigeria? Each year, numerous students like you aim for admission into this renowned institution. To help you prepare, let’s take a closer look at the admission process and requirements for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Understanding the Cut Off Mark:

The UCH Ibadan School of Nursing sets its cut off mark for admission between 58 and 250. While the exact cut off mark for the upcoming session hasn’t been announced, it’s expected to be similar to previous years. The cut off mark is determined by combining your scores from the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and the school’s entrance examination. The sum of both scores is divided by two to calculate your cut off mark.

For example, if you scored 200 in UTME and 100 in the entrance examination, your cut off mark would be 150. (200 + 100) / 2 = 150

Options if You Miss the Cut Off:

Don’t worry if your cut off mark falls short. UCH Ibadan School of Nursing might still consider your application based on your strong academic performance and extracurricular activities. There’s also an opportunity to retake the entrance examination to improve your score.

Requirements for Admission:

Meeting the cut off mark is just one step; you must also meet these additional requirements:

  1. Subject Credits: A minimum of five credits in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics or Chemistry, and any other subject is necessary.
  2. Completed Secondary Education: You should have completed your secondary school education.
  3. Nigerian Citizenship: You must be a Nigerian citizen.
  4. Age: You need to be at least 16 years old.

Application Deadline and Process:

The application deadline for UCH Ibadan School of Nursing usually falls in May or June. Though the specific date for the 2023/2024 academic session hasn’t been released, it’s likely to align with previous years. Applying is simple:

  1. Online Application: Create an account on the school’s website and fill out the online application form.
  2. Offline Application: Download and print the application form from the school’s website, complete it, and mail it to the school’s address.

Notification of Application Status:

Expect to receive notification from UCH Ibadan School of Nursing regarding your application status in July or August. While the exact date for the 2023/2024 academic session remains unknown, it should be similar to past years’ notification dates.

In conclusion

if you’re aiming to study nursing at UCH Ibadan School of Nursing, remember to meet the cut off mark, fulfill the admission requirements, and apply on time. Even if you don’t quite make the cut off mark, there are still avenues for consideration. Best of luck on your journey toward becoming a skilled nurse at this prestigious institution!

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