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Theatre arts course in Nigerian universities and higher institutions

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Theatre Arts and Film Studies have gained significant popularity among students in Nigerian universities and higher institutions. These courses offer a fascinating blend of creativity, expression, and a deeper understanding of the world of performing arts. In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting world of Theatre Arts and Film Studies, shedding light on their core areas, admission requirements, and more.

Theatre Arts:

A Glimpse into the Journey Theatre Arts is a captivating course that delves into various aspects of the performing arts. It covers a wide range of subjects, from historical foundations and research methods to dramatic theory, literature, and criticism. Students are exposed to the technical aspects of theater production, such as lighting, set design, and sound. The course also hones acting skills, teaches the art of directing, and nurtures the talent for creating captivating scripts through playwriting. Moreover, Theatre Arts extends beyond the stage with components like Theatre in Education and Applied/Interactive Theatre, which bring drama into real-world contexts.

Film Studies:

A Marriage of Art and Technique For those intrigued by the world of cinema, Film Studies is an enticing avenue to explore. This aspect of the course involves dissecting the art of filmmaking, from its inception to modern-day techniques. Students get to unravel the intricacies of cinematic storytelling, analyze films through a critical lens, and even venture into the realm of directing and producing. The combination of Theatre and Film Studies allows aspiring artists to appreciate the interconnectedness of these two forms of visual storytelling.

JAMB and WAEC Requirements:

Aspiring Theatre Arts and Film Studies students need to meet specific entry requirements. For the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), the typical subject combination includes English, Literature, and two other arts or social science subjects. However, it’s essential to note that these requirements might vary from one institution to another. Therefore, prospective students are advised to consult the latest JAMB Brochure to confirm the exact subject combination required by their chosen institution.

Similarly, for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), the usual subjects include English, Literature, and three other arts or social science subjects. To ensure accuracy, students are encouraged to cross-reference the specific subject requirements for their desired institution using the JAMB Brochure.


Theatre Arts and Film Studies offer a captivating journey into the realms of creativity, self-expression, and storytelling. The combination of these courses enables students to explore a diverse array of skills, from acting and directing to film analysis and playwriting. Aspiring students should take the time to understand the unique requirements of their chosen institution, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria to embark on this exciting academic adventure. So, if you’re captivated by the magic of the stage and the allure of the silver screen, a degree in Theatre Arts and Film Studies might just be your ticket to an enchanting world of artistic exploration.

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