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List of Courses Offered in FUKASHERE

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Are you considering pursuing higher education at Federal University, Kashere, located in Gombe State? It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the available courses and their corresponding admission requirements before applying. To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a closer look at the diverse range of programs offered at this institution.

  1. Accountancy/Accounting: Delve into the world of financial management and learn the art of tracking and analyzing monetary transactions.
  2. Agricultural Science and Education: Combine your love for agriculture with the passion for educating others, focusing on sustainable farming practices.
  3. Applied Geophysics: Explore the fascinating realm of geophysical studies, unraveling the secrets of the Earth’s subsurface.
  4. Arabic Studies: Immerse yourself in the rich culture and language of the Arab world, gaining insights into its history and literature.
  5. Biochemistry: Dive into the molecular basis of life, studying the chemical processes that drive biological systems.
  6. Biology: Embark on a journey to understand life in all its forms, from microscopic organisms to complex ecosystems.
  7. Business Administration: Develop your business acumen and management skills, preparing for a dynamic career in the corporate world.
  8. Chemistry: Uncover the mysteries of matter, reactions, and elements, while honing your analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  9. Christian Religious Studies: Deepen your understanding of Christian faith, theology, and ethics, fostering spiritual growth and knowledge.
  10. Computer Science: Enter the realm of technology and innovation, mastering the art of programming and software development.
  11. Criminology and Security Studies: Explore the science of crime, its causes, and strategies for maintaining societal security.
  12. Economics: Grasp the principles of resource allocation and financial systems, analyzing economic trends and policies.
  13. Economics and Development Studies: Focus on the intricate relationship between economics and societal development, seeking solutions to global challenges.
  14. Education and Arabic: Combine your passion for teaching with the study of Arabic language and culture.
  15. Education and Biology: Prepare for a rewarding career in teaching biology, nurturing the next generation of scientists.
  16. Education and Chemistry: Inspire young minds through teaching chemistry, fostering a love for experimentation and discovery.
  17. Education and Computer Science: Shape future technologists by educating them in the fundamentals of computer science.
  18. Education and Economics: Equip students with economic insights, enabling them to navigate financial landscapes with confidence.
  19. Education and English Language: Foster language proficiency and communication skills in students through English education.
  20. Education and Geography: Instill a sense of place and space in students, imparting knowledge about the world around them.
  21. Education and Hausa: Share the beauty of the Hausa language and culture with aspiring learners.
  22. Education and History: Travel back in time and educate students about the past, helping them comprehend the present.
  23. Education and Integrated Science: Provide a comprehensive scientific education by integrating various scientific disciplines.
  24. Education and Mathematics: Cultivate logical thinking and problem-solving abilities through the teaching of mathematics.
  25. Education and Physics: Ignite curiosity about the fundamental laws of the universe by teaching the principles of physics.
  26. Education and Political Science: Shape informed and engaged citizens by imparting knowledge about political systems.
  27. Educational Administration and Planning: Develop leadership skills for effective educational management and planning.
  28. English Language: Explore the intricacies of the English language, honing your communication and literary analysis skills.
  29. Entrepreneurship: Nurture your innovative spirit and business vision, acquiring skills to launch and manage ventures.
  30. Geography: Study the Earth’s landscapes, environments, and societies, understanding the connections between them.
  31. Guidance and Counselling: Learn to guide and support individuals through life’s challenges, providing valuable counseling services.
  32. Hausa: Immerse yourself in the Hausa language and culture, enriching your linguistic and cultural understanding.
  33. History and Diplomatic Studies: Unravel the tapestry of historical events and diplomatic relations that have shaped the world.
  34. International Relations: Delve into the complexities of global interactions, studying politics, economics, and culture on an international scale.
  35. Islamic Studies: Deepen your knowledge of Islamic theology, history, and culture, fostering spiritual growth and understanding.
  36. Library and Information Science: Master the art of organizing, managing, and disseminating information in the digital age.
  37. Marketing: Develop skills to promote and sell products or services, understanding consumer behavior and market dynamics.
  38. Mass Communication: Become a skilled communicator, learning the art of conveying information through various media channels.
  39. Mathematics: Explore the world of numbers, patterns, and mathematical reasoning, developing problem-solving prowess.
  40. Microbiology: Study microscopic organisms, unlocking insights into their behavior, genetics, and impact on life.
  41. Physics: Grasp the fundamental laws governing the universe, unraveling the mysteries of matter, energy, and forces.
  42. Plant Science: Dive into the world of plants, studying their biology, ecology, and importance in our ecosystems.
  43. Political Science: Examine political systems, institutions, and behavior, gaining insights into governance and policy-making.
  44. Procurement Management: Learn the art of efficient procurement and supply chain management, optimizing resource allocation.
  45. Psychology: Explore the human mind and behavior, gaining insights into mental processes and emotional well-being.
  46. Public Administration: Develop the skills to manage public institutions and policies, contributing to effective governance.
  47. Sociology: Study human society and its dynamics, examining social structures, interactions, and cultural phenomena.
  48. Statistics: Master the science of data analysis, learning to interpret and draw meaningful conclusions from information.
  49. Teacher Education Science: Prepare to become an effective science educator, guiding students in their scientific exploration.
  50. Zoology: Explore the diversity of animal life, studying their behavior, physiology, and ecological roles.


Before applying for any of these courses, make sure to crosscheck the admission requirements on the JAMB Brochure. This will ensure that you are well-prepared and eligible for your chosen program. Pursuing higher education at Federal University, Kashere, offers a wealth of opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills, and horizons.

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