Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Third Term Basic Electricity Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Third Term Basic Electricity Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Week 1-3: Advanced Electronics and Applications


Day 1-2: Introduction to advanced semiconductor devices.

Day 3-4: Exploring integrated circuits (ICs) and their applications.

Day 5: Practical session: Building and testing electronic circuits with ICs.

Week 4-6: Digital Electronics and Logic Gates


Day 1-2: Basics of digital electronics.

Day 3-4: Understanding logic gates and their truth tables.

Day 5: Practical session: Building digital circuits using logic gates.

Week 7-8: Electronic Communication Systems


Day 1-2: Introduction to communication systems.

Day 3-4: Exploring modulation and demodulation.

Day 5: Practical session: Building a simple communication system.

Week 9-10: Electric Safety and Maintenance


Day 1-2: Importance of electrical safety.

Day 3-4: Safe handling of electrical equipment.

Day 5: Practical session: Conducting electrical safety drills.

Week 11: Revision Week (Including Previous Term Concepts)


Day 1-2: Comprehensive review of concepts from all three terms.

Day 3-4: Mock examinations and group discussions.

Day 5: Addressing specific challenges and preparing for final assessments.

Week 12: Third Term Examination Week


Day 1-2: Theoretical examination on advanced electronics, digital electronics, and communication systems.

Day 3-4: Practical examination on electronic circuit design and communication systems.

Day 5: Review of examination results, feedback, and discussion on improvement areas.

Week 13: Graduation and School Dismissal


Day 1-2: Graduation ceremony and recognition of academic achievements.

Day 3: Farewell messages, reflections, and future aspirations.

Day 4: Distribution of report cards and certificates.

Day 5: School dismissal and wishes for success in future endeavors.

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