SS2 Third Term Commerce Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 Third Term Commerce Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Week 1 – Small Business Management


Lesson Note: Discuss the fundamentals of managing small businesses.

Scheme of Work: Role-play scenarios focusing on small business decision-making.

Week 2: Social Responsibility in Business


Lesson Note: Explore the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business.

Scheme of Work: Group project developing a CSR initiative for a fictional company.

Week 3: Business and Technology


Lesson Note: Analyze the integration of technology in modern businesses.

Scheme of Work: Tech workshop on utilizing digital tools for business operations.

Week 4: Globalization and Business


Lesson Note: Discuss the impact of globalization on businesses.

Scheme of Work: Model United Nations debate on the pros and cons of globalization.

Week 5: Taxation in Business


Lesson Note: Introduce the basics of business taxation.

Scheme of Work: Simulated exercise calculating and understanding tax obligations.

Week 6: Business Succession Planning


Lesson Note: Explore the concept of succession planning in family businesses.

Scheme of Work: Case study analysis of successful business succession stories.

Week 7: Crisis Management in Business


Lesson Note: Discuss strategies for handling business crises.

Scheme of Work: Simulated crisis scenario for students to develop crisis management plans.

Week 8: Business and Diversity


Lesson Note: Understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the business environment.

Scheme of Work: Guest speaker or panel discussion on diversity in business.

Week 9: Business Networking


Lesson Note: Teach the value of networking in business.

Scheme of Work: Organize a networking event with local business professionals.

Week 10: Review and Preparing for Final Examinations


Lesson Note: Summarize key concepts from the term.

Scheme of Work: Conduct a thorough review in preparation for the final examinations.

Week 11: Revision Week


Lesson Note: Provide additional support for challenging topics.

Scheme of Work: Group study sessions and practice tests.

Week 12: Final Examinations


Lesson Note: Prepare students for the culmination of the academic year.

Scheme of Work: Conduct final examinations covering the entire commerce curriculum.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Lesson Note: Reflect on the year’s learnings and achievements.

Scheme of Work: Organize a closing ceremony or exhibition showcasing students’ work throughout the year.

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