Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS2 First Term Geography Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 First Term Geography Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Geography Lesson Note and Scheme of Work for SS2 First Term


Week 1: Introduction to Geography


Lesson Note: Introduce basic concepts and importance of geography.

Scheme of Work: Cover topics like physical geography, human geography, and cartography.

Activities: Group discussions on real-world geographical examples.

Week 2: Physical Geography – Landforms


Lesson Note: Explore various landforms and their formation processes.

Scheme of Work: Study mountains, valleys, plateaus, and plains.

Activities: Field trip to observe local landforms.

Week 3: Physical Geography – Climate and Weather


Lesson Note: Examine climate patterns and weather phenomena.

Scheme of Work: Discuss factors influencing climate and weather changes.

Activities: Conduct weather experiments in the classroom.

Week 4: Human Geography – Population Studies


Lesson Note: Focus on population distribution, density, and growth.

Scheme of Work: Explore demographic transition and population dynamics.

Activities: Analyze population data from different regions.

Week 5: Human Geography – Economic Activities


Lesson Note: Discuss economic activities such as agriculture, industry, and services.

Scheme of Work: Study the impact of economic activities on the environment.

Activities: Group projects on local economic sectors.

Week 6: Cartography – Map Reading and Interpretation


Lesson Note: Teach map reading skills and interpretation techniques.

Scheme of Work: Explore different types of maps.

Activities: Map reading exercises and creating simple maps.

Week 7: Physical Geography – Water Bodies


Lesson Note: Study oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and their characteristics.

Scheme of Work: Understand the importance of water bodies.

Activities: Identify major rivers and lakes on a world map.

Week 8: Environmental Issues


Lesson Note: Discuss environmental challenges and conservation measures.

Scheme of Work: Explore topics like deforestation, pollution, and climate change.

Activities: Participate in a community clean-up project.

Week 9: Revision of Topics Covered


Lesson Note: Review key concepts from previous weeks.

Scheme of Work: Provide additional examples and clarification.

Activities: Group quizzes and interactive review sessions.

Week 10: Introduction to GIS (Geographic Information System)


Lesson Note: Introduce GIS and its applications in geography.

Scheme of Work: Discuss how GIS technology is used in mapping and analysis.

Activities: Hands-on experience with basic GIS tools.

Week 11: Revision Week


Lesson Note: Consolidate knowledge from the term.

Scheme of Work: Focus on weak areas and reinforce understanding.

Activities: Conduct comprehensive review sessions.

Week 12: Examination Week


Lesson Note: Prepare students for examinations.

Scheme of Work: Review all topics covered in the term.

Activities: Practice exams and answer questions.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Lesson Note: Wrap up the term and provide a summary of key learnings.

Scheme of Work: Reflect on the importance of geography in daily life.

Activities: Farewell activities and sharing of term experiences.

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